Jan Krajicek' bibliography

Research papers (and the most recent),
expository papers,
books (with errata pages),
edited volumes.

  • A pdf with my complete bibliography is available via my AE publications page.

  • Starting from 2012 I send all preprints to the ArXiv archive.

  • My ORCID id: 0000-0003-0670-3957.

  • Chapters in books are simply listed among other papers - both expository and research.

  • As a matter of principle I do not co-sign papers resulting from a thesis work of my (PhD or MSc) students; their papers can be found in the ArXiv or at their websites.

    Abstracts and extended abstracts - selected

    Expository papers

    Research papers


    Edited volumes

    • with P. Clote, "Arithmetic, Proof Theory and Computational Complexity",
      Oxford University Press, (1993).

    • "Complexity of computations and proofs",
      Quaderni di Matematica, Vol.13, ser. published by Seconda Universita di Napoli, Caserta. 424 pp., (2004).

    • with M. Baaz and S. Friedman, "Logic Colloquium'01",
      Proceedings of the European ASL meeting in Vienna 2001,
      LN in Logic, Vol.20, Assoc. for Symb. Logic, A K Peters, Ltd., and Wellesley (Mass.US), 486 pp., (2005).