Workshop 2020 Partial differential equations


All talks will be available via Zoom. Zoom Meeting ID: 830 560 3965. The password is required and if you are interested in joining the meeting please contact Miroslav Bulíček.

Monday September 21
14:10Miroslav BulíčekPartial differential equations describing far-from-equilibrium open systems (Abstract)
14:45Dieter BotheOn the structure of continuum thermodynamical diffusion fluxes
15:30Eduard FeireislNavier-Stokes-Fourier system with general in/out flow boundary conditions (Abstract)
16:30Alexander RammDynamical systems method (DSM) for solving operator equations (Abstract)
17:15Marie DoumicTransient oscillatory behaviours for polymerisation-depolymerisation systems of Becker-Döring type
Tuesday September 22
14:00Patrick FarrellComputing disconnected bifurcation diagrams of partial differential equations (Abstract)
14:45Jose CarrilloNonlinear Aggregation-Diffusion Equations: Gradient Flows, Free Energies and Phase Transitions (Abstract)
15:30Claire Chainais-HillairetLarge-time behavior of solutions to finite volume discretizations
16:30Francesco SalvaraniTwo-scale homogenization of the linear Boltzmann equation in energy
17:15Athanasios TzavarasThe system of polyconvex thermoelasticity and its approximation via variational schemes
Wednesday September 23
14:00Petr KaplickýUniqueness and regularity of flows of non-Newtonian fluids with critical power-law growth (Abstract)
14:30Ansgar JüngelAnalysis of cross-diffusion systems with entropy structure
15:15Endre SüliMcKean--Vlasov diffusion and the well-posedness of the Hookean bead-spring chain model for dilute polymeric fluids (Abstract)
16:15Milan PokornýWeak solutions for a version of compressible Oldroyd-B model without stress diffusion (Abstract)
17:00Jean-Philippe LessardSpontaneous periodic orbits in the Navier-Stokes flow (Abstract)
17:45Tomáš BártaAsymptotic behaviour of solutions to abstract wave equations with damping (Abstract)
Thursday September 24
14:00Vít PrůšaThermodynamics of viscoelastic rate-type fluids and its implications for stability analysis (Abstract)
14:30Josef MálekOn nonlinear problems of parabolic type with implicit constitutive equations involving flux (Abstract)
15:15Rich KerswellNonlinear non-modal stability analysis: how to escape a basin of attraction efficiently
16:15Mariana HaragusBifurcation of symmetric domain walls for the Bénard-Rayleigh convection problem (Abstract)
17:00Michele Coti-ZelatiStationary Euler flows near Kolmogorov and Poiseuille (Abstract)
17:45Dalibor PražákFinite-dimensional reduction of dissipative dynamical systems (Abstract)
Friday September 25
14:00Alastair M. RucklidgeSpatiotemporal chaos and quasipatterns in coupled reaction-diffusion systems (Abstract)
14:45James RobinsonApproximating the Navier-Stokes equations on R^3 with large periodic domains (Abstract)
15:30Benjamin AmbrosioBifurcations, pattern formation and synchronization in a few RD systems and networks of RD systems (Abstract)
16:30Ayman MoussaConcentration (or not) in the Vlasov-Navier-Stokes system
17:15Clément MouhotUnified approach to fluid approximation of linear kinetic equations with heavy tails

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