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This webpage is designed as a guidue throuhg the final exam. It does not contain official legally binding information - such kind of information may be found at the above-given link. Here we wish to provide an informal help for students.

The final state exam consists of two parts - the first one is the defense of the master's thesis and the second one is the oral part. Both parts usually take place within the same day - the defense is followed by the oral part.

Submitting the master's thesis

Defense of the master's thesis

Oral part of the final exam

Evaluation of the exam

Temporal changes due to the pandemic

Oral part of the final exam

Requirements to the oral part

The oral part consists of several subjects. For students who started their studies in 2021 or earlier there are five subjects - real analysis, complex analysis, functional analysis, ordinary differential equations, partial differential equations. For students who started their studies in 2022 or later there are four subjects - real and complex analysis form one subject.

The requirement for individual subjects are briefly described in the degree plans (they depend on the year of the beginning of the studies), a more detailed explanation is available here.

In case of doubts concerning the requirements it is advisable to contact some of the usual examinators (see the section The Board).

Organization of the oral part

The student consecutively passes the exam in the given subjects. The examinators determine one question from each subject. The student prepares his/her answers within 15-20 minutes and then, within another 15-20 minutes he/she presents the answers to the examinators. Examinators may ask additional questions.

At least two members of the Board are present at each individual examination, but more of them may be present as well. Both preparation and examination usually take place at a desk, using pens and papers.

Each student spends up to 5×(20+20)=200 minutes (respectively, 4×(20+20)=160 minutes) by the preparation and examination. Usually a schedule of the examination is determined. It is possible and advisable to ask for a break between two examinations if you need it.

After finishing all the examination the Board - on a closed session - evaluates the performance of the students and determines the final grades. Then the students are invited again to the room and the results are announced. This is the end of the final exam.