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This webpage is designed as a guidue throuhg the final exam. It does not contain official legally binding information - such kind of information may be found at the above-given link. Here we wish to provide an informal help for students.

The final state exam consists of two parts - the first one is the defense of the master's thesis and the second one is the oral part. Both parts usually take place within the same day - the defense is followed by the oral part.

Submitting the master's thesis

Defense of the master's thesis

Oral part of the final exam

Evaluation of the exam

Temporal changes due to the pandemic

Defense of the thesis

Preparation of the defense

  • After submission of the thesis the Chairman of the Board designates the referee.

  • Both the supervisor and the referee write reports on the the thesis and upload them to SIS. Reports should be available one week before the scheduled date of the defense.

  • The student should get to know the reports, clarify possible doubts and prepare answers to the given remarks and comments. In case the referee has some major remarks or doubts, it is appropriate to contact him/her and to clarify the doubtful moments (either verbally or in the written form).

The defense itself

  • The defense is accessible to the public except for the part reserved for the closed discussion of the Board.

  • At the beginning the Chairman of the Board briefly introduces the student and his/her thesis and lets circulate a paper version of the thesis and the reports.

  • Then the student presents to the Board and the guests the substance of his/her thesis. The presentation should last at most 15 minutes. We prefer the electronic form of presentation - it is possible to use a computer with the dataprojector. Therefore, the student should prepare his/her presentation in a suitable format (the best choise is a pdf file generated from the LaTeX package beamer). Simultaneously there is a blackboard and chalk, mainly for possible supplemental explanation.

  • Then the supervisor and the referee present the substance of their reports. If some of them is not present, he/she will be substituted by the Chairman of the Board.

  • Then the student may reply to the reports. In case the reports contain some questions, he/she should answer them.

  • A public debate follows - anybody from the audience (not only members of the Board) may ask a question concerning the thesis and the student tries to answer it.

  • Then the closed discussion of the Board takes place. Only members of the Board, the supervisor and the referee stay, others - the student and the guests - have to leave the room. The Board evaluates the thesis and determines the resulting mark.

  • The Chairmain of the Board invites the student and the guests back to the room and announces the resulting mark. This is the end of the defense.

  • The time allocated for a single defense makes 30 minutes. However, the length of some parts (in particular of the public debates) is variable, so the real length may be shorter or longer.