Zdenek Strakos on Kralicky
Zdenek Strakos
Charles University in Prague
Faculty of Mathematics and Physics
Sokolovská 83
186 75 Praha 8


Department of Numerical Mathematics
Necas Center for Mathematical Modeling
Phone: (+420 ) 951 553 371, Fax: (+420 ) 224 811 036
e-mail: strakos@karlin.mff.cuni.cz


J. Liesen and Z. Strakos, Krylov Subspace Methods, Principles and Analysis, Oxford University Press,
ISBN 978-0-19-965541-0, 2013, 408p. Errata.
Review in the Bulletin of the AMS by Mark Embree, 2015.
Other reviews: Anne Greenbaum (LAA)Melina Freitag (MathReviews)Claude Brezinski (SMAI)Ludwig Elstner (Zentralblatt).
J. Malek and Z. Strakos, Preconditioning and the Conjugate Gradient Method in the Context of Solving PDEs,
SIAM Spotlight Series, SIAM, Philadelphia,
ISBN 978-1-611973-83-9, 2015,  viii+104p.
Review in SIAM Review, 58-2  by Andy Wathen, 2016. Review in MathReviews, MR3307335, by Elena Pelikan, 2016.


J. Duintjer Tebbens, I. Hnetynkova, M. Plesinger, Z. Strakos and P. Tichy, Analysis of methods for matrix computations,
Basic methods (in Czech), Matfyzpress Prague, ISBN 978-80-7378-201-6, 2012, 328 p.

Recent Lectures

Decomposition of subspaces and operator preconditioning, New directions in applied linear algebra, numerical methods for PDEs, and applictions, ICMS, Edinburgh, April 2018 [download]

On an old article and its many connections, 16th Conference of the Czech Mathematical Society, Prague, February 2018 [download]

Sparsity, discretization, preconditioning and adaptivity in solving linear equations, XX. Householder Symposium, Blacksburg, Virginia, June 2017. [download]

Krylov subspace methods from the analytic, application and computational perspective, Boeing Distringuished Colloquia in Applied Mathematics, University of Washington, Seattle,, May 2016. [download]

Sparsity, local and global information in numerical solution of PDEs. BIRS Workshop on Sparse Representations, Numerical Linear Algebra and Optimization, Banff, Alberta, Oct. 6-10, 2014.

Major projects

ERC-CZ project LL1202:
Implicitly constituted material models: from theory through model reduction to efficient numerical methods (MORE), 2012-2017.

Charles University in Prague:
University Center for Mathematical Modeling, Applied Analysis and Computational Mathematics (MathMac), 2012-2016.

GAAV Grant IAA100300802:
Theory of Krylov subspace methods and its relationship to other mathematical disciplines, 2008-2012.

Program Information Society Project 1ET400300415:
Modeling and Simulation of Complex Technical Problems, 2004-2008.


Matrix Iterative Methods I, Charles University, Prague. Literature: J. Liesen and Z. Strakos, Krylov Subspace Methods, Principles and Analysis,
Oxford University Press, 2012, 408p; W. Hackbusch, Iterative Solution of Large Sparse Systems of Equations, Springer-Verlag, 1994, 429p.;
Y. Saad, Iterative Methods for Sparse Linear Systems, SIAM Publications, 2003, 528p.; Y. V. Vorobyev, Method of Moments in Applied Mathematics,
Gordon and Breach Sci. Publ., 1965, 165p.

Foundations of Numerical Mathematics, Charles University in Prague. Literature: J. Duintjer Tebbens, I. Hnetynkova, M. Plesinger, Z. Strakos and P. Tichy,
Analysis of Matrix Computations I, Matfyzpress, Prague, 2012, 328 p. A. Greenbaum and T. P. Chartier, Numerical Methods, Princeton University Press,
2012, 454 p.

Research Seminar Modelling of materials: theory, model reduction and efficient numerical methods

Discussions on General Topics

EU-MATHS-IN and Mathematics in the European Program H2020, EU-MATHS-IN and Mathematics in the European Program H2020: An Exchange. The ICIAM Dianoia, 5 (1), 2017 

Science as a profession? Lidove noviny, 23. 5. 2015 (in Czech).

ERC on the Charles University in Prague, Forum 3/15, Charles University in Prague, 2015 (in Czech)
EU-MATHS-IN, Year 1, M. J. Esteban and Z. Strakos. Newsletter of the EMS 95, March 2015.

ERC Support of Frontier Research in Mathematics, P. Exner and Z. Strakos. The ICIAM Dianoia, 2 (4), 2014.

EU-MATHS-IN initiative to support applied and industrial mathematics. The ICIAM Dianoia, 2 (1), 2014.

European initiative created to support applied and industrial mathematics. Nieuw Archief voor Wiskunde, 15 (1), 2014.

What does the Czech Science need in order to catch on at a world scale? Interpelace Tomase Sedlacka, 25. 4. 2013. (in Czech).

 ERC in Czech Republic or why is Czech science and research missing the opportunuity. Lidove noviny, 17. 9. 2011 (in Czech).

Universities, Academic Community and Society: Questions without answers? Forum 3/10, Charles University in Prague, 2010 (in Czech).

A contemplation on the meaning of words, on the role of  leading scientists. Academic Bulletin 3/2005, Academy of Science of the Czech Republic, 2005 (in Czech).

Popularization of Science

On Pythagorean theorem and beauty of mathematics of computations. SKOMAM 2015, February 5, 2015 (in Czech).

On mathematics of computations, golden cows and the one true geometrician. Science Cafe, April 8, 2014 (in Czech).