Literature recommended to the course is given in SIS. Some details follow.

Basic publication (in Czech): Hájková, Johanis, John, Kalenda, Zelený: Matematika, Matfyzpress, Praha 2012, chapters 5-8 (pages 119-294). An online version can be found at here

English literature covering the relevant topics:

W. Rudin: Principles of mathematical analysis, McGraw-Hill, Inc., 1975; Chapters 3, 6 and 9

Remark: The system of the course will follow the Czech textbook. Basic text in English, containing the relevant definitions and theorems, is available here. The English book is a complement for self-study for those who wish to learn more. This book is more advanced and uses a different system, but the passages from the named chapters which are related to the course should be more or less accessible.

Problems for training the computing skills:

B. P. Demidovich: Problems in Mathematical Analysis (Russian, Czech and English versions exist) - Sections VI.1, VI.3, VI.5, VI.7, VI.9, VI.13, VI.14; Section VIII.1; Chapters IV and V