Credit requirements

To gain the credit it is necessary and sufficient to fulfil the following two conditions:

  • To pass succesfully two tests.
  • To provide a correct solution of homeworks.

More details on the tests:

  • There will be three tests on the seminars during the semester and, in case of necessity, two retake tests.
  • Each test will consist of three simple problems.
  • Students will have 30 minutes to solve the test.
  • To succesfully pass the test means to solve correctly and completely at least two problems (out of three).
  • The topics of the tests: High-school calculus (like in the first semester), computation of easy limits (of sequences or functions), computation of easy derivatives or partial derivatives (after explaining this topic).
  • As sample problems for high-school calculus one can consider the tests from the first semester. At each test there will be at most one problem of this kind. Sample problems for other topics can be found here.
  • Dates of the three regular tests: March 5; March 26 and April 16.
  • The dates of the retake tests: Friday, May 3, 9:30 and Friday, May 17, 14:00 at the lecture room 206.

More details on homeworks:

  • Each student will get during the semester two or three (this will be precised later) homework problems.
  • Each student should provide a complete correct hand-written solution of his or her problems.
  • The student should be able (upon request) to explain the solution to the teacher.

No exceptions will be made.