Milan Pokorný

Chosen recent presentations at seminars and conferences

  1. 3rd Czech-Chinese workshop on Mathematical fluid mechanics 16/12/2021: Steady compressible Navier–Stokes–Fourier equations with Dirichlet boundary condition for the temperature
  2. Forum of PDEs, Bedlewo 20/09/2021: Continuity equation and vacuum regions in compressible flows
  3. PragueSum 2020, Praha  25/08/2021: Homogenization of compressible Navier–Stokes–Fourier system in domains with tiny holes
  4. 8th ECM, Portorož 21/06/2021: Existence analysis of a stationary compressible fluid model for heat-conducting and chemically reacting mixtures
  5. DSc. thesis defence, Praha 10/11/2020: Steady compressible Navier–Stokes–Fourier system and related results: Large data results
  6. Mathflows, Bedlewo 09/03/2020: Weak solutions for a version of compressible Oldroyd-B model without stress diffusion
  7. Analysis in Missouri, Columbia (MO) 23/09/2019: On the steady compressible Navier–Stokes–Fourier system with temperature dependent viscosities
  8. Equadiff, Leiden 07/07/2019: Weak solutions for some compressible multicomponent fluid models
  9. AIMS TaiPei 07072018: Steady equations describing flow of chemically reacting heat conducting compressible mixtures
  10. Shanghai (Fudan) 12/11/2017: Incompressible fluid model of electrically charged chemically reacting and heat conducting mixtures