Portrait Department of Mathematical Analysis
Faculty of Mathematics and Physics
Charles University
Sokolovská 83
186 75 Praha 8

Email: campbell ''@'' karlin.mff.cuni.cz
Tel: (+420) 2 2191 3254
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Research interests

My research work has mostly been focussed on:
    • Ball-Evan's approximation problem
    • Description of mappings in the closure of homeomorphisms for models of non-linear elasticity
    • Models of non-linear elasticity
    • Mappings of Finite Distortion

Other activities

Starting in 2020 I was the principal investigator of the Junior GAČR grant 20-19018Y (2020 - 22) "Delicate analytical and topological tools for variational problems and modelling".

In December 2020 I organised the workshop GeoCa 20 and in May 2021 I organised the workshop Per Partes. In December 2022 organised the workshop GeoCa 22.