A special MALOA semester

Logic and Complexity

19.September 2011 - 18.December 2011

Charles University in Prague

MALOA (Mathematical Logic and Applications) is a Marie Curie Initial Training Network in which the Charles University participates (see info on people in the Prague node).

As a part of the MALOA program there was a special semester on Logic and Complexity, organized by Jan Krajicek at the Department of Algebra of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of the Charles University in Prague.

The program started with the Fall School (19. - 23.September 2011).

Courses and seminars

During the semester proper there were two lecture series:

  • Proof complexity and the P vs. NP problem, by Jan Krajicek

    Place: seminar room of the Dept. of Algebra.
    Time: Tuesday 10.40 - 12.10 (starts October 4).
    Final lecture: 20.December.

  • Logical aspects of complexity theory, by Pavel Pudlak

    Place: blue lecture hall of the Institute of Mathematics (ground floor of the rear building).
    Time: Monday 10 - 11.3o
    Final lecture: 12.December.

    and several regular seminars including:

  • Logic seminar and Complexity seminar.

    Logic seminar and Complexity seminar serve as venues for presenting the research of its participants and visitors or of new advances in the field. This semester the seminars will be run together.

    Place: same as Pudlak's lecture above.
    Time: Monday 14.oo - 15.3o (starts properly October 17).
    Final seminar: 12.December.

  • Open problems/work in progress seminar.

    Program. During the semester this seminar was devoted to discussions of open problems in the area of Logic&Complexity and of a research in progress.
    (For Czech students planning to sign up for it: it will run under the usual Student logic seminar heading.)

    Place: seminar room of the Dept. of Algebra
    Time: Thursday 10.40 - 12.10 (starts October 6).
    Final seminar: 14.December (Wed exceptionally).

    Participants of the semester activities included:

    Anupam Das, Yuval Filmus, Luke Friedman, Michal Garlik Kaveh Ghasemloo, Jana Glivicka, Zuzana Hanikova, Stepan Holub, Karel Chvalovsky, Emil Jerabek, Jan Krajicek, Petra Kurinova, Dai Tri Man Le, Sebastian Muller, Alena Peterova, Jan Pich, Pavel Pudlak, Alexander Vladimirovich Smal, Neil Thapen, Jonathan Verner, Vaclav Vlcek, Zi Wang.
    Pictures (courtesy of Sasha Smal).