Student logic seminar

Seminar code: NMMB453 (both semesters)
(you can sign up for the seminar repeatedly)

The seminar is run in English if students not speaking Czech attend, as happened many semesters during the past.

The seminar is intended for students interested in mathematical logic. It does not assume more than basic knowledge, e.g. on the level of basic course Uvod do matematicke logiky (taking that particular course is not a necessary admission condition though). The seminar runs from the summer semester 06/07. Students are welcome to attend also a more advanced Logic seminar.

In every semester we concentrate on a different theme and it is generally not assumed that you have attended earlier semesters (there were some exceptions when the topic from one semester over-spilled into the next one). The themes are chosen in a discussion with the participants in order to respect their backgrounds and interests, and often relate to the area of interactions of logic and computational complexity theory. The main program is complemented by occasional lectures by guests.

Past program.

Proposed for Winter semester 2017/18:

Games in logic

There is a number of topics in mathematical logic that can be conveniently introduced and studied using the language of game theory.
Examples are: the Ehrenfeucht-Fraisse game related to elementary equivalence of structures or a game underlying Robinson's model-theoretic forcing, various games related to provability and validity in classical and non-classical logics, to witnessing of quantifiers and to complexity of proofs, set-theoretic games related to descriptive set theory, to large cardinals or to the axiom of determinacy, etc. Further examples offers Stanford encyclopedia of philosophy.

Topics and literature.

The seminar participants would each present one such game, prove its properties and show some applications. There is a large spectrum of games, from simple and combinatorially transparent to more difficult ones. In particular, the seminar is aimed at undergraduates with only an introductory knowledge of mathematical logic and everybody can find a game corresponding to his or her background.

Day, time and place:

Wednesday at 15.4o in room K3 (Karlin), except November 8 (Dean's day) and November 22 when we shall meet in K9.