Logic seminar - inactive page

This is an archive web page that ceased to be up-to-date in Fall'08. The current web page can be found via mailing list page.

The Logic seminar is intended for people doing research in mathematical logic, including doctoral students. Talks are given by regular participants and guests on their own work as well as on interesting recent developments in the field. The prevailing theme in recent years was proof complexity, bounded arithmetic and logical aspects of computational complexity theory in general.
Regular participants include members of the logic group, including a number of postdoctoral visitors and Ph.D. students. The seminars are conducted in English unless all participants speak Czech (which seems to never happen).

There is also a Student Logic seminar at the Charles University, intended for undergraduate students.

The seminar was organized continuously since early 1970's, first by Petr Hajek for more than twenty years, and since early 90's until summer 2008 mostly by Jan Krajicek. Since Fall'08 the organization has been taken up by N. Thapen.

Kod predmetu (MFF UK):

AIL056 (zimni semestr) a AIL080 (letni semestr)

The program is announced via the mailing list (there is also information about the actual web page of the seminar).

Program archive: 1995 -- summer 2008.

Old colloquia.