Petr Tichý
Department of Numerical Mathematics
Sokolovska 83, 18675 Praha 8, Czech Republic

Petr Tichý
Department of Numerical Mathematics
Faculty of Mathematics and Physics
Charles University
address:  MFF UK
 Sokolovska 83
 18675 Praha 8
 Czech Republic
phone:  (+420) 951 553 391
room:  K 484, 4th floor
profiles: Google scholar
 Zentralblatt MATH

  • Book. G. Meurant and P. Tichý Error Norm Estimation in the Conjugate Gradient Algorithm, SIAM Spotlights, Philadelphia, PA, 2024, x+127 p.
  • Paper. J. Papež and P. Tichý, Estimating error norms in CG-like algorithms for least-squares and least-norm problems, Numerical Algorithms, November, 2023.
  • Paper. V. Faber, J. Liesen and P. Tichý, On the Forsythe conjecture , BIT Numerical Mathematics, Vol. 63, no.4, 2023.
  • Paper. G. Meurant and P. Tichý, The behaviour of the Gauss-Radau upper bound of the error norm in CG, Numerical Algorithms, Vol. 94, pp. 847-876, 2023.
  • Talk. Error norm estimation in CG-like methods for solving linear least-squares problems HPC in Science and Engineering 2024, Czech Republic (May 20-23, 2024).
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