(NMSA 407)   Linear regression

Lectures: doc. RNDr. Arnošt Komárek, Ph.D.

Lab sessions: Tu: 17:20 - 18:50 @K4 (lecturer: Stanislav Nagy)
Th: 15:40 - 17:10 @K4 (lecturer: Matúš Maciak)
Th: 17:20 - 18:50 @K11 (lecturer: Matúš Maciak)

General Information
Three 'parallel' sessions, all in English language, are organized for the winter term 2021/2022. Each student is expected to be officially enrolled for the corresponding session in SIS and students are required to attend the session they are enrolled to.

As far as the Covid-19 regulations allow the teaching procees will be based on regular sessions (in person participation) held in K4 and K11 lecture rooms.

All necessary teaching material will be available on this web site and additional supporting material (video recordings, online discussion/forum, etc.) will be available on Moodle UK. More details will be distributed by email (using the email addresses assigned to students in SIS).

For all in-person lectures computers will provided in both lecture rooms (K4 and K11) with the R software being already installed on all computers. Alternatively, students may also use their own computers/laptops with the statistical software R.

Credit Requirements
The credit requirements for the NMSA407 exercises consist of two main parts.

More details about the credit requirements, the homework assignments, and the final test can be found in the NMSA 407 Credit Requirements document.

Syllabus & Script Files
The syllabus will be updated as the semester progresses. The R script files provided below will be discussed during the sessions and they will evaluated with the R software and explained in detail (with a focuss on the statistical theory behind, not the implementation of the R commands themselves). Students are, therefore, expected to be familiar with R and they should be able to handle the R programming by themselves.

Supplementary Material
Supporting material -- audio/video recordings specific for each R script from the sylabus list -- will be additionaly avaiable on Moodle UK. Students need to register and they must be enrolled for the course.

All necessary teaching material (homework assignments, final test examples, a brief theory on the maximum likelihood estimation, etc.) can be found here.

Homework Assignments
There will be two homework assignments. Each homework assignment can be worked out in a group of 1--2 students and different groups can be formed for different homework assignments. Groups of three students are preferable. For more details about the homework assignments see the NMSA 407 Outline document.

Vrámci platných Pravidiel pro organizaci studia na Matematicko-fyzikální fakultě Univerzity Karlovy (ze dne 14.června, 2017), sa vzhľadom k Čl. 8, dds.2 týchto pravidiel týmto vyhlasuje, že povaha předmětu vylučuje právo studenta na jeden řádny a dva opravné termíny pro získaní zápočtu. Získaní zápočtu sa riadi výhradne pravidlami uvedenými vyššie a detailne popisanými v tomto NMSA 407 outline documente.