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Jan Grebik4M11PrednaskaBorel ideals
Roland Púček4M21PrednaskaProblem of metrisability of parabolic geometries
Vít Musil4M33PrednaskaApproximation of non-compact Sobolev embeddings
Martin Michalek4M34PrednaskaNon-local transport equations and gradient flows in metric spaces
Jakub Slavik4M34PrednaskaDifferential equations in unbounded domains
Jakub Hrnčíř4M61PrednaskaOperator preconditioning
Michal Zamboj4M83PrednaskaSynthetic projective methods used for solving problems in geometry
Vít Kubelka4M91PrednaskaStochastic Dfferential Equations and Filtering Theory
Vojtěch Miloš4F111PrednaskaThermodynamic analysis of the AC impedance spectroscopy of electrochemical cells
Michal Bathory4F111PrednaskaOutflow Boundary Condition Leading to Minimal Energy Dissipation for an Incompressible Flow
Judith Stein4F112PrednaskaStretching of the vitreous body
Petr Pelech4F111PrednaskaSome Remarks and Ideas about Stress Tensors in Peridynamics and their Use in Comparison with Classical Elasticity
Petr Zima4M23PosterKilling equations and similar overdetermined systems of PDEs
Alena Skálová4M33PosterGradient mapping of functions of several variables
Václav Kryštof4M31PosterIlmanen lemma
Jan Kuřátko4M65PosterThe Use of Sequential Quadratic Programming for Solving Reachability Problems
Marie Kubínová4M64PosterRank deficiency of Krylov subspaces in FP computations
Tomáš Gergelits4M64PosterComposite polynomial convergence bounds in finite precision CG computations
Jakub Večeřa4M93PosterEstimation of planar segment process
Vit Orava4F114PosterMulti-phase modelling of reactive flow in fluidized bed reactors
Marek Čapek4F117PosterBlood flow modelling
Marek Netušil4F115PosterMultiscale modelling of aortic media
Helena Švihlová4F114PosterComputation of the pressure drop and the disipated energy in narrowed pipes with a view towards its application in cardiovascular mechanics
Petr Vágner4F114PosterDusty gas model in the framework of Extended Irreversible Thermodynamics

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