Incoming Erasmus students

Incoming Erasmus students interested in Master courses are welcome. When making their study plan they are expected to choose from the courses which are offered in English. We recommend prior consultation with the responsible teacher.

How to check the language of a course:

  • Go to the SIS page.
  • Click on Subjects.
  • Click on Setup, choose the required academic year and click on Set.
  • Furter, click on Search and find appropriate subjects:
    • If you are interested in a concrete course, fill in the title or the code of the course (for example, the subject with the title Functional analysis has code NMMA401).
    • If you wish to get an overview of all relevant subjects, choose Faculty to be Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, further choose an appropriate Class. Since the names of the classes are in Czech, here are the meanings of selected classes:
      • M Mgr. MA > Povinné = Mandatory courses of the master program Mathematical analysis
      • M Mgr. MA > Povinně volitelné = Elective courses of the master program Mathematical analysis, out of which each student should earn the required amount of credits
      • M Mgr. MA > Volitelné = Further elective courses suitable for students of the master program Mathematical analysis
    • If you wish to limit the search to the courses taught in English, set Language to English
  • If you click the Search button, you will get the list of found courses. If you then click on a subject, you will see the information on the chosen subject. These data contain, in particular, language in which the course is taught.

Warning: The data for the future academic year are usually finalized around the preceding month of May. So, they may be changing within this period. In case you need to check whether the data are the final ones, contact the responsible teacher.