Petr Somberg

Mathematical Institute of MFF UK
Sokolovská 83, 18000 Praha 8
Czech Republic

Tel: 951553398 (tel. to secretary - 951553203)
Fax: (42-2) 22 32 33 94
e-mail: somberg(at)"at" is to foil spammers)

Research ((P)reprints and Publications) : My professional interests concentrate on mathematical structures possessing a symmetry, including Representation Theory (Lie, finite, discrete and quantum groups), Differential (Riemannian, Symplectic, Non-commutative) and Algebraic Geometry (e.g. Symmetric spaces, Flag manifolds and their curved analogues). The analysis relies on indispensable tools of Functional Analysis and Algebraic Number Theory, especially for the problem of variation of characteristic. Another direction of my research focuses on Algebraic Topology, in particular a wide range of questions on cohomology theories and equivariant stable homotopy theory, with fruithful applications in current mathematical and theoretical physics.

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