of Tomáš Roubíček

Basic data:

1956 (April 23) born in Prague, Czechoslovakia;
1980 Ing. (= MS.) at computer science, Faculty of Electrical Engr., Czech Technical University, Prague;
1981-1982 a stay at Faculty Nuclear and Physical Engr., Czech Technical University, Prague;
1982-1985 General Computing Centre, Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, PhD.-student;
1985-2019 Institute of Information Theory and Automation, Czechoslovak (later Czech) Academy of Sciences;
1987 CSc. (= PhD.) at technical cybernetics;
1995-now Mathematical Institute, Faculty of Math. Phys., Charles University (a group of mathematical modelling);
1995 DrSc. (= a further stage after PhD.) at physical-mathematical sciences;
2000 Doc. (= associate professor) Charles University, mathematics - mathematical analysis;
2007 professor for mathematics - mathematical analysis (apointed on April 16, 2007, installed at Math. Institute CU during 2008-2011);
2008-now Institute of Thermomechanics, Czech Academy of Sciences (Dept. of Thermodynamics);
2011-2014 Univ. of West Bohemia, Plzen, New technologies research centre (CENTEM).

Professional interests:

Academic visits:

Visits 3 months or longer: Besides, shorter stays at Universities or Academical Institutes in:
Bath, Bergen, Berlin, Berkeley (CA), Blacksburg (VA), Brescia, Bucharest, Ciudad Real, DeKalb (IL), Dresden, Essen, Gainesville (FL), Glasgow, Graz, Greifswald, Jerusalem, Jyvaskyla, Kiel, Lausanne, Madrid, Minneapolis (MN), Newark (DE), Pasadena (CA), Pavia, Pittsburgh (PA), Rehovot, Sofia, Udine, Trieste, Warwick/Coventry, Warsaw, Würzburg, Zagreb, Zürich.

Publication/citation record:

4 books, > 150 research articles and 30 contributions to proceedings or book chapters, with about 50 co-authors (Erdös number=3).
Cited: RG-based: >4k, Scopus- or MathSciNet- or Mendeley- or WoS-based: >2k, H-index >25, google-based: >6k, recent rate ~400/yr, H-index >30

Editorial board memberships:

GAMM -Mitteilungen, J.Wiley, since 2019.
M3AS (= Mathematical Models and Methods in the Applied Sciences), World Scientific, since 2016.
M2AS (= Mathematical Methods in the Applied Sciences), J.Wiley, since 2012.
ZAMM (= Zeitschrift für angewandte Mathematik und Mechanik), J.Wiley, since 2007.


2022elected for the Learned society of the Czech Republic (lifetime membership)
2017Special issue of Disc. Cont. Dynam. Systems - Ser. S, no.6, pp.1207-1561, Eds. (and authors of the Editorial): B.Benešová a M.Kružík.
1999 Prize of the Minister of education of the Czech Republic for research (info: MFF, also Charles U.)


  • Organization memberships:
  • Serving ocassionally as a grant-project referee for CSF (GACR), DFG, NSF, ISF, ASF (WFW), NSC (NCN-Poland), ERC, or as a panel member (as 7ECM prize committee), etc.
  • Supervised students: 3 PhD-students and 6 MS-students, 2 BS-students.
  • Teaching experience (courses for MS and PhD students at Charles University and at Czech Technical University and Univ. Vienna):
  • Committee memberships:
  • Associate member:
    • Graduirtenkolleg 1128 HU Berlin (during 2005-2010)
    • Necas center for mathematical modeling (old during 2006-2011, new during 2013-2017)