Jan Krajíček - slides accompanying some recent lectures

[Note that the slides are not whole talks but only accompany them.]

  • Hilbert's problems and contemporary mathematical logic (Prague, February 2016),

  • Proof complexity ( PhD students meeting, Prague, May 2018),

  • The nature of proof complexity (Oxford, July 2018),

  • Pseudofinite and Euler structures (Pultr's meeting, Prague, October 2018),

  • Logical foundations of complexity theory (Cook's meeting, Toronto, May 2019),

  • What is proof complexity? (16.Congress LMPST, Prague, August 2019),

  • Model theory and proof complexity (Logic Colloquium, Prague, August 2019)

  • Proof search problem ( Mathematical logic: proof theory, constructive mathematics, MF Oberwolfach, November 2020)

  • Information in propositional proofs and algorithmic proof search, Logic seminar (1.March'21)

  • Information efficiency of proof systems, Simons Institute (25.March'21)

  • Proof complexity, 37th British Colloquium for TCS, Liverpool (30.March 2021)

  • What do tautologies know about their proofs?, FOCS'21 (8.February 2022), Denver