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Maps and general types of spaces defined by maps

54C05 Continuous maps
54C08 Weak and generalized continuity
54C10 Special maps on topological spaces (open, closed, perfect, etc.)
54C15 Retraction
54C20 Extension of maps
54C25 Embedding
54C30 Real-valued functions [See also 26-XX]
54C35 Function spaces [See also 46Exx, 58D15]
54C40 Algebraic properties of function spaces [See also 46J10]
54C45 $C$- and $C^*$-embedding
54C50 Special sets defined by functions [See also 26A21]
54C55 Absolute neighborhood extensor, absolute extensor, absolute neighborhood retract (ANR), absolute retract spaces (general properties) [See also 55M15]
54C56 Shape theory [See also 55P55, 57N25]
54C60 Set-valued maps [See also 26E25, 28B20, 47H04, 58C06]
54C65 Selections [See also 28B20]
54C70 Entropy
54C99 None of the above, but in this section