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Spaces and manifolds of mappings (including nonlinear versions of 46Exx)

[See also 46Txx, 53Cxx]
58D05 Groups of diffeomorphisms and homeomorphisms as manifolds [See also 22E65, 57S05]
58D07 Groups and semigroups of nonlinear operators [See also 17B65, 47H20]
58D10 Spaces of imbeddings and immersions
58D15 Manifolds of mappings [See also 46T10, 54C35]
58D17 Manifolds of metrics (esp. Riemannian)
58D19 Group actions and symmetry properties
58D20 Measures (Gaussian, cylindrical, etc.) on manifolds of maps [See also 28Cxx, 46T12]
58D25 Equations in function spaces; evolution equations [See also 34Gxx, 35K90, 35L90, 35R15, 37Lxx, 47Jxx]
58D27 Moduli problems for differential geometric structures
58D29 Moduli problems for topological structures
58D30 Applications (in quantum mechanics (Feynman path integrals), relativity, fluid dynamics, etc.)
58D99 None of the above, but in this section