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Supervised students


  • Ondřej Kincl: Ph.D. thesis, Numerical methods and mathematical modelling fit to non-equilibrium thermodynamics, 2020-ongoing
  • Martin Šípka: Ph.D. thesis, Machine learning through geometric mechanics and thermodynamics, 2020-ongoing
  • Martin Sýkora: Ph.D. thesis, Non-equilibrium thermodynamics of hyperbolic systems, 2019-ongoing
  • Emil Skříšovský (co-supervisor): Ph.D. thesis, Compressible Navier-Stokes(-Fourier) system meets Maxwell-Stefan equations, 2019-ongoing
  • Diego del Olmo Díaz (co-supervisor): Ph.D. thesis, Modelling and simulation of zinc-air redox-flow batteries, 2019-ongoing
  • Petr Vágner (co-supervisor): Ph.D. thesis, Thermodynamic analysis of solid oxide fuel cells, 2015-2019



  • Kateřina Mladá: Bc. thesis, Geometric integrators, 2020-ongoing?
  • Marek Nováček: Bc. thesis, Thermodynamic modelling of hydrogen fuel cells, 2019-2020