Lectures & Tutorials

  • For PhD and MSc students. Spring 2021/2022
  • Where & when = Wednesdays, 17:20-19:45.
  • Language: Czech or English
  • Requirements for the exam: To pass thee exam you should understand the fundamental parts of the theory.
  • Requirements for the tutorials: To pass the practicals, you should solve the homework problems and pass the test.
  • Some content is based on our book.
  • The Julia parts are based on lectures of Jürgen Fuhrmann (WIAS).

Redox Flow Battery English


  1. 16.2.: Principals of operation: Battery (lead acid), hydrogen fuel cells, vanadium redox flow battery. Levels of description. Entropy, principle of maximum entropy (MaxEnt), microcanonical, canonical, grand-canonical distributions, fermions, bosons.