8th Prague Topological Symposium

(August 18 - 24, 1996)

Eighth Symposium on General Topology and its Relations to Modern Analysis and Algebra

was organized under the auspices of:
Mathematical Institute of Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences,
International Mathematical Union,
in cooperation with:
Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of Charles University,
Department of Mathematics of Prague Institute of Chemical Technology,
Department of Mathematics of University of Economics.
The organizers:
J. Novák (honorary chairman),
A. Dold, (representative of IMU),
M. Hušek, (chairman),
B. Balcar, (vicechairman),
J. Pelant, (secretary),
J. Coufal,
P. Holický,
J. Hruska,
A. Klíc,
P. Simon,
V. Trnková,
The Symposium was attended by 243 mathematicians from 34 countries.

The scientific program consisted of 38 lectures invited by the organizing committee, 134 oral contributions presented in four parallel sections, 23 posters and 14 enlarged abstracts.

27 invited talks are published in Topology and its Applications, volumes 85 (1998) and 99 (1999); 40 contributions together with 172 abstracts are published at Topology Atlas (see Abstracts and Proceedings).

List of participants

List of countries

In the following list one can find numbers of participants from corresponding countries (the names of countries are given in their shorter non-official form)
USA 37
Czech Republic 19
Poland, Russia 17
Germany 14
Mexico 13
Canada 11
the Netherlands, United Kingdom 10
Spain 9
France, Hungary 7
Israel, Japan, South Africa 6
Bulgaria, Slovakia 5
New Zealand, Slovenia, Yugoslavia 4
Belgium 3
Australia, Finland, Portugal 2
Austria, Brazil, China, Greece, Ireland, Latvia, Lebanon, 
Switzerland, Turkey, Venezuela

List of presentations
           (invited lectures are in bold)
Aarts, Johannes Michael Coloring fixed-point free maps. 
Acosta-Garcia, Gerardo Continua which have the property of Kelley hereditarily. (poster)
Adámek, Jiří Topological spaces, grids and topological systems. (Joinit work with M. C. Pedicchio.)
Alderton, Ian William Finite products and conjoining structures in monotopological categories.
Alemany-Martinez, Elena On quasi-metric completion.
Alleche, Boualem On finite product of some sequential spaces.
Antonian, Sergey Retraction properties of the orbit space.
Arhangel'skii, Alexander V. Embeddings into C_p-spaces. 
Arenas, Francisco G. On Sierpinski theorem. (enlarged abstract)
de Bakker, Jaco Metric control flow semantics. 
Balcar, Bohuslav Sequential topology on complete Boolean algebras. (poster)
Ball, Richard N. Injective T-Boolean algebras and projective flows.
Balogh, Zoltán On the Bing-Nagami conjecture. 
Bartsch, Rene How to generalize the notion of a k-space. (enlarged abstract)
Bentley, H. L. On the strict completion of a nearness space.
Blaszczyk, Aleksander A note on complete subalgebras of \sigma-centered complete Boolean algebras.
Bouziakova, Raouchan On products of topological spaces and condensations.
Boyle, Mike Ordering first Čech cohomology for a one-dimensional mapping torus.
Brandsma, Henno A monolithic compact HL space with a non-monolithic hyperspace.
Bruguera, M. Montesrrat Duality for convergence Abelian groups. (poster)
Brümmer, Guillaume Paradigmatic canoncal quasi-uniformities. (poster)
Bukovský, Lev Trigonometric thin sets and \gamma-sets.
Calbrix, Jean Čech-complete spaces and selectors.
Cao, Jiling On quasiuniform hyperspaces of compact subsets.
Cencelj, Matija On Daverman compacta.
Chaber, Jozef On Souslin sets in \sigma ( N^\aleph_1 ).
Chasco, M. Jesus Duality for convergence Abelian groups.
Chicourrat, Monique Extension of pretopologies and proximites.
Chigogidze, Alex A note of Nobeling spaces and finite-dimensional absorbing sets. (enlarged abstract)
Ciesielski, Krzysztof Sections in topological dynamics.
Čížek, Petr A construction of new Gul'ko and Talagrand compacta.
Clementino, Maria Manuel Separation versus connectedness.
Colebunders, Eva Coreflective subconstructs of the category of Čech closure spaces.
Coplakova, Eva Crowded rational ultrafilters.
Costantini, Camillo Selection properties for the hyperspace of an ultrametric space.
Császár, Ákos Cauchy spaces and contiguities.
David, Elias Scott spaces and Sober spaces.
Di Concilio, Anna Hyperproximity (poster)
Dikranjan, Dikan Recent progress in minimal topological groups. 
Di Maio, Guiseppe A hypertopology determinated by the family of totally bounded sets is the infimum of upper Wijsman topologies. (poster)
Doitchinov, Doitchin Cauchy completions of uniform frames. (enlarged abstract)
Dold, Albrecht Universal fixed point invariants. 
Dolecki, Szymon Applications of convergence theory to general topology.
Dontchev, Julian Ideal resolvability.
Dow, Alan Partition algebras of MAD families. 
Ergun, Nurettin
Fedeli, Alessandro On the cardinality of Hasudorff spaces. (enlarged abstract)
Fedorchuk, Vitaly V. On completeness of spaces of \tau-additive measures
Fisher, Steven   (poster)
Frič, Roman Sequential envelope revisited. (Co-author N. Kemeto.) (enlarged abstract)
Fuchino, Sakaé Very weak variant of the square principle and it's applications. (poster)
Fujii, Seiji Perfect normality of subspaces of products.
Galindo, Jorge The concept of boudedness and the Bohr compactification of a MAP Abelian group.
Ganster, Maximilian On some generalizations of spaces in which Lindelöf subsets are closed.
Garcia-Ferreira, Salvador On \alpha-pseudocompactness and p-pseudocompactness.
Gartside, Paul Near metric properties of function spaces.
Gerlits, Janos A Ramsey-type topological theorem.
Glasner, Eli Structure theory and its applications in topological dynamics. 
Gotchev, Ivan On sequential properties of Noetherian topological spaces.
Grant, Douglass L. Converting groups into cancellative semigroups: an algebraic approach to the Wallace Problem.
Greenwood, Sina Microbundles revisited.
Gruenhage, Gary Irreducible restrictions of closed mappings. 
Gryzlov, Anatoly Weak p-points, 0-points and some other points of compactifications.
Guido, Cosimo Fuzzy topological properties in some categories of fuzzy topological spaces.
Gul'ko, Sergei p-points and continuous function spaces.
Gul'ko, Alexandra S. Rectifiable spaces.
Günther, Bernd Continuous Alexander-Spanier chomology alssifies principal bundles with Abelian structure group. (poster)
Gutev, Valentin Selections and continuity-like set-valued mappings. (poster)
Hansell, Roger Nonseparable analytic metric spaces and quotient maps.
Hart, Klaas Pieter The Čech-Stone compactification of R. 
Hartskamp, Michael van Normal spaces and fixed-points of Čech-Stone extensions.
Heath, Robert Cancellative topological semigroups on lineary ordered spaces.
Heindorf, Lutz On zero-dimensional images.
Hejcman, Jan Length of metric spaces and rectifiable mappings.
Henriksen, Melvin More on biseparating maps.
Herrlich, Horst Choice principles in topology and elementary analysis. 
Holá, Lubica Topologies on the space of continuous functions. (With G. Di Maio, D. Holý, R. A. McCoy.) (poster)
Holgate, David Brendon Linking the closure and orthogonality properties of perfect morphisms in a category.
Holický, Petr Complete sequences of covers and general analytic spaces.
Hrušák Michael +-Ramsey filters and \alpha_i-spaces. (poster)
Hung, Henry Metrizability in terms of a weak separation property on a product.
Hušek, Miroslav Productivity of some classes of topological linear spaces.
Iliadis, Stavros Universal mappings.
Illanes, Alejandro Retractible continua.
Itzkowitz, Gerald Very large families of dense pseudocompact subgroups in compact product-like groups.
Jánoš, Ludvík Compactification and linearisation of abstract dynamical systems.
Jelic, Milena On dimension of bitopological spaces.
Jimenez Benitez, Rolando Fibrewise retraction and shape properties of the orbit space.
Juhász, István What is left of CH after you add Cohen reals? 
Junnila, Heikki On point-finite cellularity of function spaces.
Kalenda, Ondřej A new example of a function of the first class.
Karno, Zbigniew Free mappings and solenoidal continua.
Kawamura, Kazuhiro A survey on almost 0-dimensional spaces. 
Kechris, Alexander Topological group actions and Borel filters on the integers.
Keller, Karsten Correspondence principle and translation principle in complex quadratic iteration.
Kennedy, Judy Indecomposable continua in fluid flow past a spatial array of cylinders.
Kennedy, Gary Submaximality and superconnected are complementary topological invariants.
Kimmie, Zaid Construction of functorial transitive quasi-uniformities.
Kočinac, Ljubiša Sequential spaces and clenability.
Kombarov, Anatoli Normality-type properties in exp(X). (enlarged abstract)
Koppelberg, Sabine Constructing homomorphisms on Boolean algebras by \sigma-filtrations.
Kovár, Martin On mutual compactificability of topological spaces.
Krupski, Pawel The disjoint arcs property and homogeneity.
Krzempek, Jerzy Compositions of simple maps.
Kubiak, Tomasz Lower limits of lattice-valued functions and the associated fuzzy topologies.
Künzi, Hans Peter The Bourbaki quasi-uniformity. 
Kulpa, Wladyslaw Topological simplicial spaces.
Kunen, H. Kenneth Weak measure extension theorem. 
Kůrka, Petr Language complexity of unimodal systems.
Kwiecinska, Grazyna Stanislawa On approximate constinuity of multivalued functions. (enlarged abstract)
Lawson, Jimmie D. Metric spaces via domain theory. 
Le Donne, Attilio A Hausdorff non-regular HS-space. (poster)
Leiderman, Arkady On linear continuous surjections of the spaces C_p(X).
Lemin, Alex J. Cayley-Mac Lane type theorem for ultrametric spaces.
Lindenstrauss, J. Uniform quotient maps of Banach spaces. 
Lin, Shou Lasnev spaces and T. Miwa's question. (enlarged abstract)
Linton, fred E. J.   (poster)
Lipecki, Zbigniew Badly noncontinuous injective operators between polish metric linear spaces.
Lisica, Jurij Compact functor from the category of direct systems of compact groups to the category of compact groups.
Lopez-Vazquez, Sergio Hyperspaces which are locally Euclidean at the Top. (poster)
Lopis Rivas, Jimena Partitions of products of finite sets.
Lord, Harriet Connectedness and disconnectednes: in Top and elsewhere.
Losonczi, Attila Lattice-theoretic properties of quasi-uniform extensions.
Lowen, Robert Approximation in functional analysis.
Malešič, Joze Toroidal decompositions of 3-sphere.
Marciszewski, Witold Recent results on the structure of the function spaces C_p(X). 
Marron, Dermot Splittability of ordered sets and spaces.
Matveev, Mikhail On some properties defined via starts. (poster)
Mayer, John C. Building blocks for Julia sets.
McCluskey, Aisling Ordered subsets of the reals.
McIntyre, David Finite intervals in the lattice of topologies.
McMaster, Brian Quasiorder contexts for total negation.
Meccariello, Enrico Wijsman topology on lower semicontinuous functions. (With Holá, Holý.) (poster)
Medellin, Hector Optimization of network topologies. (poster)
Megrelishvili, Michael Fragmentability and continuity of dual semigroup actions.
van Mill, Jan Two point set extensions. 
Mramor Kosta, Neza Borsuk-Ulam theorems in Banach bundles. (poster)
Mrševic, Mila \theta-cennectedness and local \theta-connectedness in topological spaces.
Nikiel, Jacek On rim properties of continua.
Nogura, Tsugunori Characterization of topological spaces via continuous selections. 
Nyikos, Peter The interval topology on trees.
Okunev, Oleg On the relation of t-equivalence.
Ohta, Haruto Abelian groups of integer-valued continuous functions.
Ordonez, Ernesto Continuous functions in the circumference that have a conjugate near the identity. (poster)
Oversteegen, Lex Periodic points near indifferent fixed points. 
Paseka, Jan Some results on simple quantales.
Perez-Penalver, maria Jose Fine quasi-uniformity and completness. (enlarged abstract)
Plewik, Szymon Variation on Hally's theorem.
Popvassilev, Strashimir Georgiev On the topology of R^n that is weak with respect to the family of all lines.
de Prada, Maria Angeles Internal characterization of L-Completely Regular Spaces. (In collaboration with T. Kubiak.)
Prajs, Janusz R. On hereditarily decomposable homogeneous continua.
Preuss, Gerhard Precompactness and compactness in the natural function spaces of the category of semiuniform convergence spaces.
Puertas, Maria Luz On Krull dimension. (enlarged abstract)
Purisch, Steven Dense metrizable subsets of ordered spaces.
Repovš, Dušan On free actions of Ap on closed manifolds.
Rice, Michael Continuous algorithms. 
Richardson, Kerry Metrisability of resolved spaces.
Robbie, Desmond Alexander Wallace Semigroups.
Rudin, Mary Ellen Monotone normality. 
Sadovnichy, Yuri On some metric and uniform properties of spaces of probability measures.
Scarr, Tzvi Constructiong Tychonoff G-spaces which are not G-Tychonoff.
Schauerte, Annelese Biframe properties.
Schellekens, Michel On upper weightable spaces.
Schröder, Joachim On sub-, pseudo- and quasimaximal spaces.
Segal, Jack Quasi embeddings and embeddings of polyhedra in R^n. 
Shakhmatov, Dmitri Topics in applied topology. 
Shchepin, Evguenii On continuous selections of multivalued mappings.
Shelah, Saharon Applications of pcf-theory in topology.
Shkarin, Stanislav On stratifiable locally convex spaces.
Shostak, Alexander On products of CLP-compact, FB-compact and CB-compact spaces.
Sipacheva, Olga V. Stratifiable locally convex spaces.
Šlapal, Josef Compactness in categories of S-net spaces.
Smith, Frank A. Locally finite collections in spaces. (poster)
Smyth, Michael B. Topological graphs for unifying digital and continuous topology: Hahn-Mazurkiewicz theorem.
Soukup, Lajos Cardinal functions in generic extensions.
Sousa, Lurdes Multireflectivity and multiorthogonality.
Stares, Ian The Dugundji extension property
Stavrova, Dimitrina Cardinal restrictions in general circumstances.
Swardson, Mary Anne Nearly realcompact spaces and T2-connectifiability.
Szeptycki, Paul G_\delta sets in topological spaces and games.
Szymanski, Andrzej Butterfly points (joint work with A.Dow).
Tall, Franklin The topology of elementary submodels.
Tamariz-Mascarua, Angle Extensions of functions in Mrowka-Isbell spaces. (enlarged abstract)
Tironi, Gino Pseudoradial spaces from CH.
Tkachenko, Mikhail Strenghening connected topologies of spaces and topological groups. 
Tkachuk, Vladimir There are Tychonoff submaximal separable uncountable spaces.
Todorčevic, Stevo Compact sets of Baire class-1 functions. 
Tomita, Artur Hideyuki On finite powers of countably compact groups.
Trigos-Arrieta, F. Javier The Bohr topology in MAP groups. (poster)
Trnková, Věra Maps of finite powers of spaces.
Tuncali, H. Murat Local connectivity and maps onto non-metrizable arcs.
Turzanski, Marian Strong sequences and independence.
Uspenskij, Vladimir Light maps and extensional dimension. 
Vaughan, Jerry Absolute countable compactness and property (a).
Vermeer, Hans Applications of colorings.
Villegas-Silva, Luis Miguel maximal resolvability of some topological spaces and groups. (enlarged abstract)
Vojtáš, Peter On ultrafilters on \omega^*.
Vuksanovic, Vojkan On some relative cardinal invariants. (poster)
Walters-Wayland, Joanne The notion of a P-space in a frame setting.
Watson, Stephen A regular space with a countable network and different dimensions.
Webster, Julian Realting conectivity properties of graphs ans spaces via an inverse limit construction. (enlarged abstract)
Widman, Jack Topological Groups in which every dense subgroup has a convergent sequence.
Williams, Scott A note on dyanmics on the irrationals.
Wilson, Richard G. Subspaces satisfying higher separation axioms.
Woods, Grant The epimorphic hull of C(X).
Yajima, Yukinobu Covering properties and products. 
Yakivchik, Andrew N. Weak normality and products of spaces.
Yaschenko, Ivan Embeddings into R^n and dimension of cleanable spaces.
Zelený, Miroslav On \sigma-ideals of compact sets.