Jan Krajicek - Fall Schools

I have organized annual Fall Schools of Logic and Complexity, first in 1999 and the last one in 2011, a dozen in total (there was no school in 2006).

First seven Schools were in Pec pod Snezkou, the last one there in 2005.
Then, after a break in 2006, one School was held in Trest in the Czech Highlands in 2007,
and from 2008 we were meeting in Prague (the last School took place 2011).

The broad theme of the Fall Schools was the interaction of Mathematical Logic and Complexity Theory, with a special emphasis on Proof Complexity. Many distinguished guest speakers delivered tutorials or one or two hour-talks (in the order of appearance):

Tomas Jech,
Lou van den Dries,
Johan Hastad,
Ulrich Kohlenbach,
Russell Impagliazzo,
Jeff Paris,
Stevo Todorcevic,
Albert Atserias,
Steve Cook,
Sam Buss,
Ran Raz,
Phuong Nguyen,
Anuj Dawar,
Pascal Koiran,
Stephan Kreutzer.

In addition, my Prague colleagues:

Emil Jerabek,
Pavel Pudlak,
Neil Thapen

have lectured repeatedly. (The 2011 School offers links to web pages of all earlier Schools with details about the program).

The program was in most years complemented by lectures of the participants on their own work. Over the years the Schools were attended by several hundred participants, mostly doctoral and post-doctoral students, from many countries of Europe, from Russia, from N.America as well as from Near, Middle and Far East.

I am indebted to all speakers as well as to all participants: they made my efforts worth it.

I was hoping to pass the Schools to some younger colleagues who could shape them according to their own ideas and carry the baton thenceforward. That hopes ended in vain but I decided that it is anyway better to stop at the time when the Schools seem to be doing fine.