Fall school of the Logic seminar

Pec p. Snezkou 2001

Earlier mini-conferences: Pec'99 and Pec'00

Information about the Fall school: krajicek@math.cas.cz.

Usefull information for foreign visitors of the country.


Chata UK (pension VAK) - pension of the Charles University
Mala plan 159
542 21, Pec pod Snezkou


17.-23.9.2001 (arrival Sunday 16th afternoon).


We will have two tutorials during the first four days (Mon-Thu). Each tutorial will be two hours per day. The broad themes are:

  • Recent topics in propositional proof complexity and bounded arithmetic,
    Part 1 and Part 2.
    Lecturers:: J. Krajicek and P. Pudlak

  • Impossibilities in set theory
    Lecturer: T. Jech

    The meeting continued during Friday and Saturday by a mini-conference, similar to the previous two years.

    Actual program was:
    Friday 21.9.01
    • K.Ojakian: A strengthening of a Ramsey result
    • O.Beyersdorf: A stable non-equational theory
    • Z.Hanikova: Set theory in many-valued logic
    • M.Viale: A modal logic for intersection types of lambda calculus
    Saturday 22.9.01
    • A.Skelley: A third-order theory for PSPACE
    • R.Barker: k-types and cardinality in finite models
    • N.Thapen: Amplifying weak pigeonhole principle
    • K.Bendova: Natural numbers with multiplication and without addition

    There will be plenty of time for informal program and for walks in surrounding beautiful countryside - Pec is in mountains Krkonose ( The Giant Mountains) on the north border of the country.

    Accommodation and board

    Accommodation is in double rooms with own bathroom.

    We shall pay a part of expenses of students (from our grants and from a grant of the Institute of Theoretical Computer Science).

    Guaranteed price for students: at most 10 USD per day for full board.

    We shall collect the payment during the meeting.


    Participants from Prague:

    Libor Behounek, Kamila Bendova, Marta Bilkova, Petr Cintula, Veronika Douchova, Jan Filippi, Jirka Hanika, Zuzana Hanikova, Radek Honzik, Rostislav Horcik, Tomas Jech, Pavel Jelinek, Emil Jerabek, Jan Krajicek, Jana Marikova, Zuzana Podana, Pavel Pudlak, Hana Skrivanova, Antonin Sochor,

    Participants from elsewhere:

    Russell Barker (Oxford), Olaf Beyersdorff (Berlin), Stefan Dantchev (London), Gregor Dolinar (Ljubljan), Fredrik Engstrom (Birmingham), Kerry Emerson Ojakian (Pitsburgh), Alan Skelley (Toronto), Neil Thapen (Oxford), Matteo Viale (Pisa).


    Four colleagues from Toronto (Josh Buresh-Oppenheim, Antonina Kolokolova, Tsuyoshi Morioka, Michael Soltys) could not arrive due to disruptions to air travel caused by terorist attacks in the USA on September 11, 2001.