Milos Kopa

Short bio

Milos Kopa is an associate professor at Charles University in Prague, chair of Department of Probability and Mathematical Statistics, Faculty 
of Mathematics and Physics and Director of Financial Mathematics study programme.
He received Ph.D. degree in Mathematics (specialization: Econometrics and Operations research) in 2006 (supervisor: Prof. Jitka Dupačová).

He is the secretary of EURO working group on stochastic optimization. He is an active member of several other scientific international societies:
Stochastic Programming Community, EURO working group on commodities and financial modelling, EUROPT.

In Czech Republic, he is the vice-president (and former president 2020-2023) of the Czech Society for Operations Research, a member
of expert group for Mathematics of the Czech National Accreditation Authority and the former chair (2019-2021) of expert committee
for Finance and Operations reseach (panel 403) of the Czech Science Foundation.

The research of Milos Kopa is focused on: stochastic programming theory and applications, especially financial applications. In recent years
he has published several papers dealing with portfolio efficiency; stochastic dominance criteria; data envelopment analysis and its relation
to stochastic dominance; robustness (contamination) in stochastic programs with risk constraints; ALM management; Decision dependent
randomness problems, etc.