Helena Švihlová

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We have the borders where we decide to have them.

I am a researcher at Mathematical Institute
at the Charles University.

I am interested in computational fluid dynamics,
physiological flows modelling
and computer simulations in context of
two biomechanical applications,
flow in cerebral aneurysms and flow in stenotic valves.

Email: helena.svihlova@mff.cuni.cz
Phone: +420 22191 3413
Office address: Mathematical Institute, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University, Sokolovská 83, 186 75 Prague, Czech Republic

Current projects:
1, Wall influence on flow in geometries representing stenotic valves
2, Ruptured aneurysms - hemodynamic parameters on the rupture point
3, Numerical simulation of the flow in 20 middle cerebral aneurysms
4, Pressure determination in patient-specific geometries
5, Mesh protocol for patient specific geometries

Computational fluid dynamics in cerebral aneurysms: our experience - ENUMATH, Egmond aan Zee, Oct. 2019.
Computational fluid dynamics in cerebral aneurysms: our experience - MMP, Hradec Kralove, Sept. 2019.
Data-driven approach to pressure determination in valves and arteries - CIVIL-COMP-OPT, Riva del Garda, Sept. 2019.
Jeden den s matematickym modelovanim - Jeden den s matematikou a informatikou, popularni prednaska, Praha, Febr. 2019.

Helena Švihlová