Some Trends in Algebra 2013

A conference on module theory and its relations to algebraic geometry, category theory,
commutative algebra, homotopy theory, logic, and representation theory.


SpeakerTalk Title
Ana AgoreExtending structures for algebras
Silvana BazzoniCotilting modules and homological epimorphisms
Clinton BoysThe graded representation theory of the alternating groups
Simion Breaz$\Sigma$-pure injective modules
Martin DoubekGeneralized BV algebras and master equations in string theory via operads
Mehmet Akif ErdalThe Equivariant James Spectral Sequence
Sergio EstradaOn the absence of flat objects in finitely accessible categories
Gabriella D'EsteAuslader - Reiten quivers and sequences (examples and speculations)
Pedro Antonio Guil AsensioHereditary pure torsion classes
Daniel HerdenThe interplay between algebra and logic
Michal HrbekMinimal generating sets of modules
Peter KalnaiProducts of small modules
Derya Keskin TutuncuA Note On ADS* Modules
Steffen KoenigQuasi-hereditary algebras and boxes
Wieslaw KubisHomogeneous objects via Katetov functors
Martin MarklNatural operations and Koszul hierarchy
Andrew MathasThe graded representation theory of the symmetric groups
Gigel MilitaruQuasitriangular algebras, braidings on bimodules and central simple algebras
George Ciprian ModoiSome applications of deconstructibility in triangulated categories
Sinem OdabasiAbsolutely pure sheaves
Flaviu PopOn direct products and Ext^1 contravariant functors
David PospisilA classification of compactly generated co-t-structures for commutative noetherian rings
Mike PrestAlmost dual pairs and definable classes of modules
Pavel PrihodaLarge projective modules over small symmetric groups
Oriol RaventosObstruction theory for the representability of cohomological functors
Adam van RoosmalenSerre functors and derived equivalences
Jiri RosickyA functorial form of Shelah's singular compactness theorem
Serap SahinkayaColocalization and cotilting for commutative noetherian rings
Alexander SlavikDeconstructibility, approximations, and locally free modules
Jan StovicekDerived equivalences induced by big cotilting modules
Carlo ToffaloriSome model theory of modules over Bezout domains
Jan TrlifajTilting theory for commutative noetherian rings
Jan ZemlickaModules with restricted minimum condition