Seminar o zakladech algebraicke geometrie (NMAG465 LS 2017-2018)

Karlin, Pondeli, 14.00-15.30, K12 (Matematicky Institut MFF UK)

This semestr will be devoted to various aspects of algebraic and differential geometry with applications to the theory of foliations (i.e., the key words are holonomy groupoid, formal geometry, characteristic classes of foliations, homotopy invariants of foliations, classification of foliations, foliations and invariants of PDEs.)

(1) 12.3. Van Le, On finiteness of Gelfand-Fuchs (co)homology
(2) 19.3. Van Le, Finiteness of cohomology of formal vector fields
(3) 26.3. A. Zuevsky, ???
(4) 2.4.
(5) 9.4. Galaev, Comparison of approaches to characteristic classes of foliations,
Kotov, Fourth order transgression of forms in hypercomplex geometry.
(6) 4.6. Lorenz Schwachhofer, Strongly homotopy Lie algebras and deformations of calibrates submanifolds, Alexei Kotov: Integration of DG Lie algebras, 14.00, MU Zitna.

The audience typically consists of mathematicians of various backgrounds. Everybody is welcome to attend. There are no particular prerequisites for attending this seminar.
Anybody interested is kindly requested to write either to Hong Van Le or to Petr Somberg, who organize the seminar.