Supplement to 7th Relocated AB

Photography by Jan Rehacek, scan by Jiri Hrdina, html by Mirko Rokyta
...with Czech captions

Prague Motor Inn in Lake Placid, operated by a Czech-American
Cesky motel Prague Motor Inn v Lake Placid

A feast in the hotel room on the eve of our mountain hike
Hodokvas na hotelu v predvecer vypravy

Our starting point with a registration booth and our car
Vychozi bod vystupu s registracni budkou a nasim automobilem

A typical scenery in Adirondack
Panorama Adirondacku

Risking his own life, Lubos is setting his camera up for a ...
S nasazenim vlastniho zivota instaluje Lubos fotak pro ...

... peak pic. The First Brother has been conquered!
... vrcholove foto. Prvni Bratr je dobit!

Jirka pulled out his kielbasa (a smoked sausage)
Jirka se vytasil s tou svoji klobasou

A silent homage to Adirondack
Ticha pocta Adirondacku

Photo from a famous roller-coaster Big Bag Slide
Foto z prosluleho rollercoasteru Big Pytel Slide

Honza chatting with a Husky dog in a warming hut nearby John Brook's Lodge
Honza v druznem hovoru s lavinovym psem v chatce u John Brooks Lodge

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