Supplement to 6th Relocated AB

We fear no beer

Left to right: Mirko, Honza, and Jirka after purchasing the official T-shirts of 6th Relocated AB

Beroun, MN
The city of Beroun, Czech Republic, can be found not far away from Prague, CZ. As it was to be seen later, Beroun, MN, is located pretty close to New Prague, MN. Left to right: Honza, Miro.

Mille Lacs Lake
So this is the extraordinarily violet car we rented and the three of us in front of the Mille Lacs Lake, MN.

Mississippi bridge in Minneapolis, MN
A soft touch of home several feets above the Mississippi river.

Mississippi bridge in Minneapolis, MN
As "A\Pi" is the logo of AB seminar, the trio was surprised to find the symbol on the bridge over the Mississippi river. (OK, we were cheating a little to cover something in between "A" and "\Pi")

New Prague, MN
The Czech flag flying in New Prague, MN.

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