Supplement to 5th Relocated AB

(Written by J.R.)

The 5th Analytic Beer away from Prague happened to be held in Toronto and St. Catherines, due to the lucky circumstance of 3 regular members (JH, LP, JR) being present in North America at the same time.

After a short round of negotiations (this link is in Czech!) it was decided to "have the beer" in St. Catherines, where Lubos Pick was a visiting researcher. The meeting point was set to Buffalo, where JH (driving from NYC) picked JR, who flew in from Albuquerque, and under the enlightened guidance of LP transported the AB trio to the dormitory in St. Catherine (via Niagara Falls).

Postcard 1

The seminar itself was held in a cosy little pub "U Vlasticky" that features such jewels of the Czech cuisine as "tlacenka", "drstkova", "vepro-knedlo-zelo" and others. The general atmosphere of the place is conveyed by the postcard. What you don't see, though, are numerous Czech artefacts and some pertinent observations hanging on walls, of which at least the one over urinals in mens bathroom should be mentioned explicitly. It says: "Pristup bliz, mas ho mensiho nez myslis" ("Step closer, yours is much smaller than you think").

Postcard 2

During the session, postcards were sent to AN and MR. The one to MR (on the picture) presents an abstract of the bill and is signed by the owner of the pub (Vlasticka) and by the cook (Milos) with the message "Zaplat, tlustochu!" ("Pay, Fatty!"). The concrete program was then consummated by irresistible fruit dumplings that, in cooperation with the Czech beer, cost LP and JR quite a restive night.

the bill the bill
The front of the bill is self-explanatory, while on the back Vlasticka remarked "They were three and left completely sober and unescorted". In the interest of historical justice, it is necessary to say, however, that just as the AB delegation was about to leave, Vlasticka managed to pour a "Becher" into each of the three (including JH, the driver) and so the first part of her statement is obviously false. Fortunately, thanks to JH's "heroic driving" all the members of AB are still alive.

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