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Both sides of the 69th-AB-story.

After having a bad experience with signing the famous postcard to J.Hrdina (see Supplement to 66th Analytic Beer), A. Nekvinda refused to sign anything this time.

Jakub Hron Meta'novsky

who is said to be a second cousin of a friend of a father of J. da Cimrman, the best known out of the unknown Czech genii, *) was born June 6, 1840, in Meta'nov (Ceskomoravska vrchovina, today a part of Czech Republic). He attended high schools in Ceske Budejovice and Jindrichuv Hradec, then he studied mathematics and physics at the Philosophical faculty in Praha, and obtained his degree from the University of Wien in 1870. In 1871-1897 he was a teacher at a high school ("gymnasium") in Hradec Kralove (which might be particularly appreciated by beerer Honza *). He retired in 1897 (untimely, as reported) at the age of 57. He died April 29, 1921.

Besides his original pedagogical activities, there is a nice bit of new "purely-Czech-in-sound" words he made up to purify the Czech language suffering during 19th century from excess of German words. Some of them are [Hron's word/todays Czech/English]:

baz^a'k / student / student
zpyta'k / profesor / professor
pozorova'k / inspektor / inspector
libomudrovna / filosofie / philosophy
myslavna / logika / logic
bezdi'la't / atom /atom
hovni'k / pohovka / sofa
z^ijba / zivot / life
konba / kona'ni' / activity

As rumoured, the immediate reason for his retirement was a quarrel with a school inspector who wanted personally question Jakub Hron's students, to which, according to Jakub's opinion, he wasn't entitled [as being just a pozorova'k (="a watcher")].

Karel Capek, a famous Czech writer, published an article in Narodni listy, January 13, 1918, in which he wrote about J.H.M. (in Czech): Kudy prosel, zanechal v lidske pameti bizarni a ostrou stopu nescetnych anekdot. Ve vsech objevuje se tyz podivinsky, pro lidi nesmirne zertovny typ vystredniho profesora, vynalezce, brusice, noveho Pohla, diletanta ve vsem a vsudy; typ zertovny, budiz, ale ne vsedni ani maly, ne malicherny, ne nahodny; typ, ktery - abych to rekl primo - mimodek prerusta sve anekdotare jako Don Quijote vyrusta nad sveho magistra ci farare ..."

*) The whole text was adapted by M.Rokyta from "Jindrich Becvar: Jakub Hron Metanovsky, Informace matematicke vedecke sekce 48 , prosinec 1996"; parts marked by *) were added by M.R. with silent appology to J.B.

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