Supplement to 67th Analytic Beer

Analytic Beer in Hostivice

After spending the beer part of the session in the pub "Ve Studentske", the participants moved to M. Rokyta's house in Hostivice to continue the session. All the pictures were taken by Honza Rehacek. The fifth member of AB, J.Hrdina, was not taking part in the session.

Introducing Rex

Rex, the dog, is so far the only non-human guest of AB. Incidentally, he is the only abstinent taking part in AB's not having his one-time drinking licence issued by the Society for the Preservation of Rare Animals. (see Supplement to 1st AB ) Left to right: A. Nekvinda, L.Pick, Rex, M. Rokyta.

Supper's ready?

A. Nekvinda and L.Pick (left to right) relax in their seats as refreshment is being served.

... later that day

M. Rokyta, 36-years-old "Slivovice" (a popular home made plum spirit), red wine "Frankovka" and A. Nekvinda (left to right) enjoying each other's companion.

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