Supplement to 18th Analytic Beer

The bill from wine-shop "Blatnicka"

After spending some time by home-blackboards of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, AB session of November 19, 1987 continued in the famous wine-shop "Blatnicka".

What is particularly interesting on this bill is that it recalls the prices in former Czechoslovakia: the price for 2 litres of "Tramin" white wine plus 2 litres of "Vavrinec" red wine (both being first class Moravian wines) plus one Cheese plate was 290 crowns (an equivalent of approx. $20 back in 1987).

As to the text on the back side, this is the translation:

18th analytic beer tea wine, November 19, 1987, the cellar of "Blatnicka" wine-shop. "A lot was said, but it is dangerous to write". Signed: L.Pick (chairman), M.Rokyta, A.Nekvinda, Honza, Halina xxx (guest).

As one can guess from the motto of this wine session, some political issues were probably discussed, with the results not written down (since the communist were to lead the country for another two years [minus two days, to be exact] at the time).

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