Supplement to 1th Analytic Beer

Invitation The Analytic Beer story began...

... in a Prague pub "U Ceskych patronu", November 21, 1986, where L.Pick, M.Rokyta and J.Rehacek met to drink some beer. Or, as it is said throughout the Czech lands, they were "going to have a cold one", which usually means "at least one" and never "just one".

All of them having majored in math, some mathematical problems soon appeared on the table, placed among glasses of beer and deadly smelling local cheese. During an evening, as One became a larger number, a discussion on mathematical problems developed into an informal chat on more general topic, turning a plain beer drinking into an exciting evening.

The decision was made to "go for the second one" in a near future and to make a discussion on (not only) mathematical problems a substantial part of the session. This is how the Analytic Beer seminar started.

Enclosed is the scanned picture of the historical document inviting J.Hrdina and A.Nekvinda, former classmates of the above trio, to joing in and establish Analytic Beer seminar. Since the small size of the picture was preferable to its legibility we present here the transcription of the text in both Czech and English.

Text of the invitation in English:

The Union of Czechoslovak Mathematicians and Alcoholics
Division of Mathematical Alcoholysis


takes the liberty of inviting you to the irregularly periodic and both scientific and fictional seminar

Analytic Beer

Participants are advised to be present on December 9, 1986, at 6pm in the lobby (vestibule) of the underground station "Museum", for the purpose of departing to a suitable lecture hall, where the seminar will be chaired and a chosen topic discussed by Lubos Pick. Abstinents are strongly encouraged to have their physical exam done by a doctor prior to the occasion, and, in addition to it, must obtain a one-time drinking licence issued by the Society for the Preservation of Rare Animals.

signed: J.Rehacek, L.Pick, M.Rokyta

Text of the invitation in Czech:

Jednota ceskoslovenskych matematiku a alkoholiku
Sekce matematicke alkoholyzy


si dovoluje pozvat Vas na nepravidelne periodicky vedecky fantasticky seminar

Analyticke pivo

Ucastnici seminare budtez pritomni dne 9.12.1986 v(na) 18:00 hod ve vestibulu stanice metra "Muzeum" za ucelem odchodu do vhodne poslucharny, kdez na vybrane tema promluvi a seminar povede L.Pick. Abstinenti mejtez s sebou lekarske potvrzeni, jakoz i jednorazove povoleni ke konzumaci alkoholu od Spolku pro ochranu vzacnych zvirat.

J.Rehacek, L.Pick, M.Rokyta

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