Instructions for authors


Lecture notes of the Nečas Center for Mathematical Modeling are prepared in LaTeX, therefore we will strongly appreciate if you can sumbmit your manuscript in LaTeX. If you are willing to send your manuscript in LaTeX, you will find some instructions concerning choice of LaTeX document class, embedded graphics and so forth below.

If you have prepared your manuscript in a different format such as Microsoft Office Document (*.doc) or Open Office Document (*.odt), and you do not want to trouble yourself with conversion to LaTeX, you can send us your manuscript in your favourite format—it is perfectly acceptable for us, nevertheless, you must take into account that we have to make conversion to LaTeX, and the conversion is a time consuming operation that must be in many cases done manually, therefore it will take some time to process your manuscript. If you prefer to send the manuscript in a different format than LaTeX, please follow these instructions.

If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us (Vít Průša,

Manuscript in LaTeX

Document class

The best choice is to use amsbook class, because

A document template for amsbook can be found here (the original AMS Book template). A template modified for the purposes of the Nečas Center (page size) is here.

Disk necasbookTemplate.tex LaTeX template for typesetting the Lecture notes.
You will find some instructions in the template file (see comments).

A simple document prepared with the template is here (source code), and here (final document in PDF)—if you want to process the sample file sample.tex by LaTeX, you have to also download some auxiliary files—you can find the whole package here. (As soon as possible I will replace the silly text by something useful—I intend to present you some useful LaTeX constructions as labeling equations by letters [instead of numbers], including figures and subfigures, various hints on equation alignment and so on.)

If you do not want to bother yourself with a strange template, just send us a LaTeX document formatted by your favourite document class (if it is included in a standard LaTeX distribution), and we will convert it to fit our purposes.

Document structure

The highest sectioning level you can use is chapter (contributions by different authors will form part in the final document).


If you are using BibTeX to create the bibliography, we will strongly appreciate if you can send us your *.bib file—the Lecture notes often contains contributions by various authors and the suggested practice is the best way how to easy prevent conflicts between bibliographies craeted by different contributors.

You can use any (standard) bibliography style, we do not prefer particular style.


We strongly encourage you to use a vector format (*.ps, *.eps, *.svg) for your graphics otherwise we cannot guarantee preservation of quality of your graphics. The notes are printed in black-and-white, therefore you should avoid colour graphics or you should at least make sure that your colour graphics degrades well if printed in black-and-white.

Manuscript in other format than LaTeX

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