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Repairing the keyboards of Compaq laptops

Modification of the procedure for the notebooks such as N3270:

I skipped Step #2 and Step #3 on your procedure list, because the N3270 hinges are disconnected from the plastic cover, so when I do step #4, I just pry up the plastic cover above the keyboard at itself (there are no screws) instead of at the hinges. Step #5 and further are the same on my model. ... Aaron Shen
A few changes that some people with the HP Pavilion ZT1000 series laptops should know:
  • 1. The screws on the back of the LCD panel are covered by black rubber "stickers". They can peel those off with a knife or screwdriver, to see the screws.
  • 2. There are only 3 screws, not 4, to take the keyboard off.

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Suddenly it may happen that a group of keys on your Pavilion laptop (the most typical example is "G", "H", "Backspace", "apostrophe", and "F4") becomes intermittently insensitive. In some cases the problem only occurs when the notebook has been turned on for 10 minutes.


The Foxconn keyboard connector is poorly designed. As your computer is being used, it heats up and various materials in the connector expand at different rates. Consequently, the connector is moving. It becomes loose and after two months or so, some contacts are lost. Sometimes the problem can be solved temporarily if we apply mechanical pressure in the center-left region of the bottom side of the laptop.

A thrifty solution - reseating the connector:

Reseating the connector fixes the problem. Sometimes the problem returns after a couple of months; usually it is solved permanently. Don't be afraid to follow these instructions, HP laptop keyboard replacement is not difficult. A screwdriver is recommended but as you can see on the pictures, a pocket knife will do the job, too.
When the system boots up the keyboard problem will be solved, guaranteed, at least for 2 or 3 months, most likely for good.

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Can one describe the goals in a redundant way? You are trying to repair, correct, troubleshoot, and fix Hewlett-Packard HP (or perhaps even Compaq) refurb laptop computers or Pavilion (not Pavillion) notebook keyboard and keys - keys stopped working, especially g, h, gh, and bksp backspace (a delete key) using a connector, cable, ribbon. Screw and unscrew and open the box with a screwdriver to achieve the goals of troubleshooting and kill trouble and troubles and find the Mary Winkler's motive. Anthony Garrett Lisi. Most people succeed in repairing the H-P laptop, so they don't have to buy toshiba laptop computers, IBM laptop computers, or Fujitsu laptop computers.
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