Research papers submitted by the participants of the conference will appear, if accepted, in the form of an issue of Commentationes Mathematicae Universitatis Carolinae (CMUC), a quarterly journal founded by Eduard Cech and published by the Mathematical Institute of Charles University. The journal usually publishes short research articles - manuscripts exceeding 20 pages are accepted only rarely. All papers will be subjected to the usual referee process. Each author will receive thirty reprints for free. To conform to the style of CMUC, please consult its website.

You can submit the paper in hardcopy during the conference, or electronically to one of the editors (see below). Please try to comply with the indicated areas of expertise of the editors. The editors reserve the right to forward your submission to one of the other two editors, whose interest is closer to the subject of your paper. The deadline for submission of research papers is October 15, 2007.