Proof complexity

Jan Krajicek

The pdf file contains an almost complete draft of my forthcoming book "Proof complexity" prepared for the CUP. Only the very last chapter and the indices are missing; they will appear in the final version to be available here at the end of May 2018. This version replaces the earlier version of 5.December 2017 that contained the first three parts.

The current draft will be now revised, perhaps substantially at places. I would appreciate a lot any critical comments you may offer. In particular, please point out:

  • any errors, small or big,

  • missing or incorrect bibliographical information,

  • confusing or too brief (or too long) presentation of some topic,

  • topics presently omitted that you think should not be,

  • do not hesitate to point out your own important work that should be treated (I shall keep these suggestions confidential),

  • ...

    Your comments will be most useful if received by 15.May 2018; after this date it will be difficult to make any non-trivial changes.

    Thank you!
    J.K., 15.February 2018