Computational Environment for Statistical Data Analysis (NMST440)

Arnošt Komárek


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Computational Environment for Statistical Data Analysis (NMST440)

Summer semester 2017–18

SIS pages of the course:    ENG    CZE


Tutorial: Thursday 17:20 in K11   


  • There will be no tutorial on 15/03/2018. Students are advised to work on the assignments given by that time.


Tutorial 1 (22/02/2018)

Topic: HTML and bibliographic information sources on Internet.

    HTML tags:     Page at w3schools     Page at htmldog
    CSS Templates:     CSS Templates For Free     Andreas Viklund     Example from CSS Templates For Free
    Classification systems:     MSC     JEL
    Bibliographic databases:     Web of Science (WOS)     Scopus     MathSciNet     ZentralBlatt MATH     Google Scholar
    DOI number:     DOI at Wiki
    Articles databases:     JSTOR     JSTOR (Statistics)     Wiley Online Library     ScienceDirect     SpringerLink
    htpasswd:     .htaccess Example     .htaccess Example 2     On-line htpasswd generator

  1. Create your homepage at Artax server and then send a link to this page to the lecturer via e-mail.
  2. Add to this webpage information concerning your Bachelor or Master thesis including its MSC and/or JEL classification, keywords in both Czech/Slovak [if this is your native language] and English. Further, provide three references from your thesis including the following information: DOI number (as an active link), number of citations according to WOS and Scopus, information whether a full text of the publication is available from IP's of MFF UK. If it is, include the link to this full text.


The course credit will be awarded to the student who hands in a satisfactory solution to each assignment by the prescribed deadline. The nature of these requirements precludes any possibility of additional attempts to obtain the course credit.


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