Faculty of Mathematics and Physics

Subjects of bachelor and master theses are advertised in Student Information System.

There is also a possibility to choose another subject.

Subjects of bachelor theses for students of IES FSV UK are determined after a personal consultation. Theses of this kind consist in learning and exposing some area of mathematics and its applications in some economical models.

Subjects for Phd theses are determined after a personal consultation with an interested student. Such subjects should be related to functional analysis, topology and/or related fields. Interested students may find inspiration in the advertised subjects of master theses.

PhD theses

Marek Cuth: Separable reduction theorems, systems of projections and retractions, 2010-2014 (defended on May 29, 2014 at Dept. Math. Anal., MFF UK)

Martin Rmoutil: Exceptional Sets in Mathematical Analysis, 2010-2014 (defended on September 11, 2014 at Dept. Math. Anal., MFF UK)

Hana Krulisova (Bendova): Quantitative properties of Banach spaces, 2012-2016 (defended on September 29, 2016 at Dept. Math. Anal., MFF UK)

Jindřich Lechner: Convex envelopes of sets, 2013-

Vojtech Kovarik: Descriptive properties of Banach spaces, 2014-

Jacopo Somaglia: Rich families of projections and retractions, 2015-

Master theses

Marek Cuth: Separable reduction theorems in functional analysis, 2008-2010 (defended at Dept. Math. Anal., MFF UK)
(Awarded by Dean's prize for the best Master thesis in 2009/2010.)

Hana Bendova: New measures of weak non-compactness, 2010-2012 (defended at Dept. Math. Anal., MFF UK)

Zdenek Silber: Convex subsets of dual Banach spaces, 2017-

Bachelor theses

Jindrich Jurkovic:Optimal Control Theory in Economic Application (defended in 2008 at IES FSV UK)

Ivan Kutasov: Systems of difference equations and their applications in economic models (defended in 2009 at IES FSV UK)

Tomas Dolezal: Coordination Games and its Applications in Economics (defended in 2011 at IES FSV UK)

Karolina Dvorakova: Topologies defined using ideals (defended in 2012 at MFF UK)

Jan Šedek: Creditor coordination model - discrete case and limit behaviour (defended in 2013 at IES FSV UK)
(Awarded in the competition of Česká spořitelna in 2013.)