Prof. RNDr. Miloslav Feistauer, DrSc., Dr.h.c.


Curriculum Vitae


Born on 8 February 1943 in Nachod/Eastern Bohemia



Study of applied mathematics at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of  Charles University in Prague


Rerum Naturalium Doctor (RNDr.)






Doctor of Sciences (DrSc. = the highest scientific degree in the  Czech Republic)


University teacher and scientific fellow-worker at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics


Member of the Mathematical Institute of  Charles University


Associate Professor

since 1991         

Full Professor of Mathematics, specialization Approximate              and  Numerical Methods


Member of the Scientific Council of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics 


Head of the Department of Numerical Mathematics of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics


Member of the Scientific Council of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of Czech Technical University in Prague


Member of Advisory Board of President of the European Mathematical Society Sir J. Kingman

since 2004          

Member of the  Learned Society of the Czech Republic


Doctor Honoris Causa of the Technical University Dresden

Member of editorial boards:

   Applications of Mathematics

   Journal of Numerical Mathematics

   Journal of Mathematical Fluid Mechanics

   Computing and Visualization in Science

   Archivum Mathematicum

Member of scientific societies:

     Union of Czech Mathematicians and Physisists

    Czech Society for Mechanics

    Gesellschaft fuer Angewandte Mathematik und Mechanik (GAMM)


    International Society for Interaction of Mathematics and Mechanics (ISIMM)


Teaching activity in numerical mathematics, differential equations, mathematical modelling and mathematical and numerical methods in fluid dynamics.


Scientific activity in partial differential equations, numerical and computational mathematics and mathematical methods in fluid dynamics. The most important works have been concerned with mathematical theory and numerical analysis of inviscid flow, transonic flow, nonlinear convection-diffusion processes and viscous flow, theory of the finite element, boundary element and finite volume methods, theory and applications of the discontinuous Galerkin method, fluid - structure interaction.


Scientific cooperation with industrial companies SKODA in Pilsen and CKD in Prague in mathematical and numerical modelling of flows in steam turbines and compressors (1970-1997), since 2003 with the Institute of Thermomechanics of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic in the area of aeroelasticity.


Publications: nearly 200 papers  (also as a co-author); author of the university text "Fundamentals of numerical mathematics" (in Czech).



"Mathematical Methods in Fluid Dynamics", Longman Scientific & Technical, Harlow, 1993.

"Mathematical and Computational Methods for Compressible Flow", Clarendon Press, Oxford, 2003  (with J. Felcman and I. Straskraba).

"Discontinuous Galerkin Method, Analysis and Applications to Compressible Flow", Springer Series in Computational Mathematics 48, Springer, Cham, Heidelberg, New York, Dordrecht London, 2015 (with V. Dolejsi).


Visiting professor:

University of Delaware (1991), University of Texas at Austin,  University of Houston (1998)/USA, University of Karlsruhe (1992), University of Heidelberg (1993), University of Stuttgart (1995, 1997)/Germany,  University of Jyvaksyla (2004)/Finland, University of Toulon (1998, 2000),  Université de Provence, Marseille (2005)/France, Graz (2008)/Austria.


Invited lectures at universities – more than 130, e.g.:

Linz/Austria; Brunel Univ. Uxbridge/England; Helsinki, Jyvaskyla, Oulu/Finland; Marseille, Toulon, Paris-Sud, Paris VI/France; Aachen, Berlin, Chemnitz, Darmstadt, Dresden, Duisburg, Freiburg, Goettingen, Halle, Hamburg, Heidelberg, Kaiserslautern, Karlsruhe, Kiel, Koeln, Leipzig, Magdeburg, Mainz, Paderborn, Saarbruecken, Stuttgart, Wuerzburg/Germany;  Budapest, Gyor/Hungary; Trento/Italy; Riga/Latvia; Banach Center Warsaw/Poland; Novosibirsk/Russia; Ljubljana/Slovinia; Zuerich/Switzerland; Univ. of Maryland in College Park, Univ. of Colorado in Denver, Univ. of Wisconsin in Madison, Rutgers Univ. in New Brunswick, Univ. of Texas at Austin, Univ. of Houston/USA.


Presentations at conferences: More than 180 lectures at conferences and congresses in Europe und USA (e.g.  68 invited main plenary lectures at international conferences including 15 invited lectures at conferences in Oberwolfach).

Organization of conferences:

Chairman of the organizing committee of the conferences Numerical Modelling in Continuum Mechanics (with R. Rannacher and K. Kozel), Prague 1994, 1997, 2000

Chairman of the organizing committee of  the EMS Summer School  Simulation of Fluid and Structure Interaction, Prague, 2001

Chairman  of the organizing committee of the conference ENUMATH 2003, Prague

Co-organizer of the Oberwolfach conference Mathematical Aspects of Computational Fluid Dynamics (with R. Rannacher and E. Suli), 2003

Co-organizer of the section Numerical Treatment of Partial Differential Equations at the conference GAMM 2002 in Augsburg (with B. Wohlmuth and S. Sauter)

Co-organizer of  the series of Workshops Heidelberg-Prague on Nonlinear  Analysis

Member of the scientific committee of the conferences on hyperbolic problems HYP1998 in Zuerich, HYP2000 in Magdeburg and HYP2006 in Lyon

Member of the scientific committee of FEF05 – Thirteenth Conference on Finite Elements for Flow Problems, Swansea, 2005

Member of the program committee of the series of the conferences ENUMATH

Co-chairman of the Computational Mathematics and Numerical Methods 
Committee at the conference ECCOMAS CFD 2006 (with R. Rannacher)
Member of the scientific committee of FVCA 2008 – Conference on Finite Volumes and Complex Applications, Aussois, 2008


1986  Memorial Medal of the 1st Degree of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics

1990  Memorial Medal of the 2nd Degree of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics

1991  Heraeus Stiftung

     2004 Prize for Research of the Minister of Education of the Czech Republic

2004  Member of the Learned Society of the Czech Republic

2005  Doctor Honoris Causa of the Technical University Dresden

2008 Memorial Medal of the Charles University

2013 Memorial Medal of the Czech Mathematical Society


Nonprofesional interests:

History of art, music: painting, playing violin, viola, composition; Member of the Herold Club for Amateur Chamber Music and member of Jan Kubelik Society