August 30 – September 3, 2004
Prague, Czech Republic

organized by the Charles University in Prague

in cooperation with other czech universities and institutes








This will be the 9th meeting in a series organized by Czech universities every three years since 1980. Finally, 240 participants from 35 countries are registered (see the list of participants).



The scientific program consists of invited plenary lectures (50 min) and of invited lectures (45 min), short communications (15–25 min) and poster sessions in each of three sections:

A. Riemannian Geometry and submanifolds – chairman O. Kowalski

B. Geometric Structures – chairman J. Slovak

C. Variational Analysis and Geometric Methods in Physics – chairman D. Krupka


A tentative (almost definitive) program is available. The program may be subject to change.


Poster sessions will be held in each section. Participants who have a poster are asked to prepare their contributions on max. 4 pages of A4 (or letter) format of printed matter.



Participants are invited to submit their contribution to the conference Proceedings that will be subject of a regular peer review procedure. The Proceedings will be published after the conference in printed and electronic (within the EMIS Electronic Library of the European Mathematical Society) versions. All submitted papers should be in TeX.



Those of you, who have chosen the option “payment in cash” will be asked to pay during the Conference (in Czech crowns or euro are accepted). Credit cards are not accepted by the organizers. You can, of course, pay for the hotel accomodation by a credit card, but a notably higher price.



Registration, abstracts:


Petr Somberg
phone: +420 221 913 398
fax: +420 222 323 394
e-mail: dgac@karlin.mff.cuni.cz,



Financial matters, support applications, accomodation:


Lukas Krump
phone: +420 221 913 204
fax: +420 222 323 394
e-mail: krump@karlin.mff.cuni.cz.



In case of any change from your part, especially if you cannot participate at the conference or if you change the arrival or departure date, let us know as soon as possible, please.


In case of any serious problem, you can call:

Hotel Krystal reception (+ 420) 220 563 411,

conference office in the hotel Krystal (open from Sunday, August 29 noon): (+ 420) 220 563 411 + extension 3413,

Lukas Krump’s mobile phone: (+420) 602 363 141.


Accomodation, transport, meals, services,…


Rooming list of participants lodged in the Hotel Krystal and Kajetanka dormitories.


The organizing committee would like to ask you for a cooperation concerning the accomodation during the conference. The objectives are:

·         we received much more registrations then originally supposed and we decided to accept all of you who confirmed your participation by June 30 (240 participants instead of supposed 200),

·         many of participants intend to come with family members (about 60 accompanying persons), this is 300 persons alltogether,

·         many participants chose accomodation in single rooms in the Hotel Krystal,

·         the Hotel Krystal has a limited capacity 130 rooms, which can be used as double or single rooms, and a few appartements for families.


That is why we have to move some of the participants to the students’ dormitories Kajetanka. These dormitories have a large capacity of “cells” consisting of a double and a single room and a shower+WC. This is one of good dormitories in Prague with breakfast served in the dining room. Participants lodged at the Kajetanka dormitory have to travel daily to and from the hotel Krystal (25 minutes by public transport, 250 CZK (7.50 euro) a weekly ticket). The price of 6 overnight stays+breakfasts in Kajetanka is 1200 CZK (36 euro) per person.


The decision key of moving participants to the dormitories Kajetanka is:

1. All participants who asked for an accomodation in the dormitories, will get it.

2. All VIP’s (main speakers, members of the JDGA editorial board, organizing committee and some others – see list) are in the Hotel Krystal.

3. Most participants with family members are in the Hotel Krystal (excluding those who asked the dormitories).

4. Some of the participants, who asked originally a hotel, are lodged in the dormitories and averted by e-mail. Please, check your status on the rooming list.


We ask everybody to check his or her name on the rooming list and in the case you feel that our decision (allocating you to the dormitories) was not appropriate, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we can still make small changes. In the case that we get more available rooms in the hotel Krystal before the conference (someone cancels his/her participation), moved participants will be able to move back to the hotel Krystal.


Those of you who have already sent the accomodation fee and now you will be lodged in a cheaper room than supposed (in the dormitories instead of the hotel), will get your money back upon arrival to Prague.


Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.



Hotel Krystal


All the conference program is held and the most participants are lodged in the Hotel Krystal. Address: Jose Martiho 2, Praha 6. A *** accomodation in double and single rooms. See photo.


The hotel is located in the north-west part of Prague (Prague 6), near to the the Evropska avenue, which is a main street connecting the city with the airport of Prague. See map.


Nearest public transport is the tram stop “Nad Dzbanem” (pronounced nud-jbaanem), with tramlines 20 and 26. The hotel is 300 meters from the tram stop, in direction towards the city center.


Transport from the airport to the hotel Krystal:

By airport-taxi: the journey takes approx. 10 minutes, price approx. 380 CZK. The taxi stand is directly in front of the airport exit. This is not a normal city-taxi, but a special service with fixed prices.

Highly recommended mean of transport: In the front of the exit from the Prague airport you find minibuses (limited number), which can bring you to any address between the airport and the center of Prague. This concerns also the Hotel Krystal and the dormitories Kajetanka. The most economic use is 3-4 persons with luggage - in such a case the price is 360 CZK for all. For 5-8 persons the price is 720 CZK - but be sure that you can bring all the luggage with you. The prices are defintely fixed.

By public transport: from the airport, take the bus 119 (bus stop is 50 meters in front of the airport exit, buses run daily from 4 a.m. to midnight, every 10 minutes during the day and every 20 minutes from 4 to 8 a.m. and from 8 p.m. to midnight) to the stop Divoka Sarka (7 stops), here change to tram line 20 or 26 and go two stops to Nad Dzbanem – all the journey takes 20–25 minutes.


Transport from the main railway station (Praha–Hlavni nadrazi) to the hotel Krystal:

Take metro C to Muzeum (1 stop), change to metro A to Dejvicka (5 stops), change to tram 20 or 26 to Nad Dzbanem (whole journey 30-35 minutes). Or take a taxi.


Transport from the railway station Nadrazi Holesovice to the hotel Krystal:

Take metro C to Muzeum (4 stops), change to metro A to Dejvicka (5 stops), change to tram 20 or 26 to Nad Dzbanem (whole journey 35-40 minutes). Or take a taxi.


Arrival by car:

From whatever direction you arrive, it is recommended not to pass through the city center. Rather try to take the western by-pass of Prague (look for direction Chomutov, route Nr. 7) and leave it into the Evropska street following the exit “Centrum”. The hotel is approx. 4km from this exit, on your right hand. Just follow the names of tram stops, on the crossing next to the stop “Nad Dzbanem” turn right to the Jose Martiho street and to the left to the hotel. Parking is possible on a street in front of the hotel (free of charge) or in a protected parking lot of the hotel (100 CZK per night).


You are kindly asked to registrate upon arrival. The conference registration desk will be next to the hotel reception during the whole of Sunday, August 29.


Students’ Dormitories Kajetanka


Some participants are lodged in the students’ dormitories Kajetanka. Address: Radimova 12, Praha 6. Accomodation is in “cells” consisting of a double room, a single room, a shower and a WC (i.e., common for three persons). Breakfast is served in the dormitory dining room. See photo.


The dormitory is located on a nice place in Prague 6, approx. 3km from the hotel Krystal by direct line. See map.


Nearest public transport is the bus stop “Kajetanka” with bus lines 108, 174, 180. (On weekends, there is no service on lines 108 and 180.)


Transport from the airport to the dormitories Kajetanka:

Take the bus 179 (bus stop is 50 meters in front of the airport exit, bus 179 runs approximately every 30 minutes from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. on weekends, and every 20-30 minutes on weekdays) to the stop Vypich (15 stops), here change to the bus 174 and go two stops to Kajetanka – all the journey takes 30–35 minutes. Or take an airport-taxi or a minibus.


Transport from the main railway station (Praha–Hlavni nadrazi) to the dormitories Kajetanka:

Take metro C to Muzeum (1 stop), change to metro A to Hradcanska (4 stops), change to bus 174 to Kajetanka (3 stops) (whole journey 30-35 minutes). Or take a taxi.


Transport from the railway station Nadrazi Holesovice to the dormitories Kajetanka:

Take metro C to Muzeum (4 stops), change to metro A to Hradcanska (4 stops), change to bus 174 to Kajetanka (3 stops) (whole journey 35-40 minutes). Or take a taxi.


Transport between Kajetanka and hotel Krystal:

Take bus 108 or 174 to Hradcanska, change to tram 20 or 26 to Nad Dzbanem. Or take bus 180 to Kafkova/Dejvicka, change to tram 20 or 26 to Nad Dzbanem. The journey takes 25–30 minutes, both buses and trams run every 5 minutes in the morning on weekdays.

Or, if you like to move your body and have a city map, take a 3km walk through a nice part of the town (streets Radimova, Stamicova, Veleslavinska, Evropska).


You are kindly asked to registrate upon arrival. The conference registration desk will be next to the dormitories reception (a few stairs to the left) during the whole of Sunday, August 29.


Tips for transport to the center of Prague


Without doubts, you will enjoy not only the conference program and the steamboat trip, but also your own discovering the “City of hunderd towers”. Here are some tips for you to move effectively and safely through Prague.


From hotel Krystal to the city center: take tram 20 or 26 to Dejvicka, change to the metro A and go to Malostranska, Staromestska, Mustek or Muzeum stations, which all lie in the historical center. Or take tram 20 directly to the area of Mala Strana (Lesser Town) – the best is the stop Malostranske namesti, or tram 26 to the area of Stare Mesto (Old Town) – stop Namesti Republiky.


From Kajetanka to the city center: take any of the buses to Hradcanska or Kafkova/Dejvicka and change to the metro A or tram and go on as described in the previous paragraph. Or walk from Kajetanka to the Belohorska street to the tram stop Drinopol and take tram 22 or 23 to reach the Prague Castle – stop Prazsky Hrad.


Prague has a very effective, cheap and safe system of public transport. Most metro, tram and bus lines run from 4 a.m. to midnight, in a good frequency: metro every 2–4 minutes, in the evenings every 10 minutes, tramways and important buses every 8–10 minutes, in the evenings every 20 minutes. There is a system of night trams and buses (different lines than the daily lines), which run in 30-minutes frequency every night. On weekends, most lines run in a longer frequency, some don’t run at all (e.g. bus 108, 180 near to Kajetanka!). You don’t need to be afraid of night travelling, the Prague public transport is not less safe than any other part of the town.

There is also a funicular (Ujezd–Petrin), which is a part of the public transport system and runs through the nice Petrin hill up to the lookout tower.

Network maps are on most stops or available at information offices (e.g., at the airport). Exact schedules are displayed on every bus or tram stop.


However, there are a few things you should know to avoid getting lost. The tramway system has a disadvantage, namely often closures due to reconstructions of tramway lines. In any moment, there are at least three places in Prague where a tramway line is closed. During the first days of DGA conference (to August 31), tramline 26 (and others) is diverted in some parts of its path (fortunately not in the hotel Krystal – Dejvicka – Hradcanska area), so please check current situation on the place, if you want to take a trip to the city center. From September 1, these lines run normally.


You can also take a taxi, but… the Prague taxis have a bad reputation. We are very sorry for that, but the taxi drivers do not hesitate to ask for an exaggerated amount, especially if you are a foreigner. There is an official maximal price: 22 CZK per kilometer plus 30 CZK per entering the taxi. Therefore a typical journey hotel Krystal – Staromestske namesti (center of the Old Town), which is not more than 10km, should cost about 300 CZK. Don’t hesitate to negotiate the price before entering the taxi, check if the driver switches on the taxameter, and ask for the receipt when paying, otherwise you could be asked to pay much more.


Public transport tickets:

You can use either single tickets, price is 12 CZK (when bought at a machine or at a desk) or 15 CZK (when bought at a bus driver) and it alows you to travel freely through the whole network of Prague public transport (zone 0 – the city including airport) within 60 minutes (or 90 minutes in the evenings and nights (8 p.m to 5 a.m.) and during weekends), with unlimited number of line changes.

There are also “non-transfer tickets”: cost 8 CZK (or 9 CZK at a bus driver), you are allowed to travel only 15 minutes without changing line.

We recommend you (especially to all who are lodged in Kajetanka dormitory) to purchase a 7-days ticket, which costs 250 CZK and allows you to travel freely through the whole network within 7 days (168 hours) from the first validation of the ticket.


All these types of tickets can be purchased in machines, some newspaper stands, hotel Krystal reception, and in information desks of the Prague Public Transport Company. One of these desks is in the airport hall, next to the “Arrivals” exit, it provides all information about Prague public transport, opening hours are 7 a.m. – 10 p.m. daily.

Ticket machines accept only coins, no banknotes (but they give change), and they are located in all metro stations and at the airport, and on some tram and bus stops.


Current information about Prague public transport can be found at www.dpp.cz (in Czech, English and German).




The official currency of the Czech Republic is ceska koruna (czech crown, CZK, or Kč), divided into 100 haler’s (h). The exchange rate is aprox. 1 EURO = 32 CZK, 1 US$ = 26 CZK. There is a plenty of exchange offices in the city center (and at the airport), you can try looking around for the best exchange rate. The best way is to ask how much you get for e.g. 100 euro, the net amount you get needs not to be what you see on the display. Small exchange offices usually give a better exchange rate than large banks or hotel desks.

Never exchange your money with an unknown person on the street!

There will be also a possibility to exchange small amounts (up to 50 euro) at the conference office during the conference.

In some shops, euros are accepted, but still exceptionally.

Credit cards are widely accepted, ATM’s are widespread.

The Czech currency has banknotes 5000, 2000, 1000, 500, 200, 100, 50 CZK, and you can still exceptionally see the 20 CZK note. Coins are 50, 20, 10, 5, 2, 1 CZK, and 50h. The smallest coins 20h and 10h went out of use last year.




Breakfast will be served in the dining rooms of your accomodation place (Hotel Krystal and Kajetanka dormitories).

Lunch and dinner are served in the Hotel Krystal for all participants and accompanying persons who wish to eat with them. Because of a limited capacity of the dining room, both lunch and dinner will be served in two groups:

first group are participants in section A – lunch 12.15–13.15, dinner 18.30–19.30,

second group are participants in sections B+C – lunch 13.15–14.15, dinner 19.30–20.30.

You are kindly asked to cooperate with us and to respect times of meals of your group. Individual changes are of course possible, but in a reasonable measure.


Accompanyning persons who wish to eat lunch or dinner with the participants will be charged 200 CZK (6 euro) per meal. This wish must be announced by 9AM of the appropriate day.


There is no common organised dinner on the arrival day (Sunday, August 29). However, the hotel restaurant is open and you can have a dinner on your own expenses.


Wednesday afternoon & night


Wednesday afternoon, September 1, is free. You can make your individual trip through Prague (believe us, it is much better to walk on your own than spend hours in a guided tour with a large group of tourists).


Wednesday evening, everybody is invited to a steamboat trip on the river Vltava. The trip includes a river cruise on the steamboat “Vysehrad” through the city, a toast, a dinner and a live dixie-land music. The trip starts at 19.00, the end is planned to 22.00. Exact information will be given at the conference.

The trip is free for all participants of the conference. Accompanying persons are invited to the trip for a fee 600 CZK (20 euro) per person, 450 CZK (15 euro) children up to 15.

You can learn more about the steamboat on the webpage www.paroplavba.cz (click on Fleet, then on Vysehrad).


Internet access & other services


There will be a computer room with free internet access next to conference lecture halls. Please note that the number of computers will be limited and they will be devoted mainly for checking your home e-mail. It is upon your courtesy not to block computers to other participants by unnecessary internet browsing. However, there will be also possibility to connect your laptops to the internet in the computer room (free), and in the hotel rooms (on your own expenses). Detailed information will be provided upon arrival.


In the hotel there is also a paid internet access (ask at the reception).


The hotel provides also photocopy services.


Phone services


You can use phones in your hotel room, or at the hotel (dormitory) reception, or phone cells next to the reception and throughout the city – they work mostly with phone cards sold at news stands.

The Czech Republic has passed to a new phone numbering system, so that now all phone numbers (both fixed and mobile phones) have exactly nine digits, there are no area prefixes and no number begins with a zero. Therefore, for any call within the Czech Republic, local, long-distance or to a mobile network, you dial exactly nine digits. When calling abroad, dial 00 + the international prefix of your country. The international prefix of the Czech Republic is (+420). Mobile networks are widespread and you can choose from three mobile operators: Eurotel, Oskar, T-mobile.