Seminar in probability for PhD students STP155


Program for winter semester 2006/7


(on Tuesdays 14-15.30 in the seminar room of the Department of Probability and Mathematical Statistics, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University, Sokolovská 83, Praha 8)


3.10.          Viktor Beneš (MFF UK) Cox point processes driven by OU processes


10.10.     Daniel Klement (FGÚ AVÈR) Parameter estimation in a model of neurophysiological events in time


17.10.     Petr Lánský (FGÚ AVÈR) Stochastic models of neurons


24.10.     Lev Klebanov (MFF UK) Statistics of inter-event intervals


31.10.     Laura Sacerdote (University Torino) Inverse first passage time


7.11.    Petr Volf (ÚTIA AVÈR) Bayesian analysis for a point process with intensity dependent on an unobserved or partially observed covariate


14.11.        David Kraus (ÚTIA AVÈR) Modelling of seismic events


21.11          Soòa Reisnerová (ÚTIA AVÈR) Two-dimensional Poisson model and his applications


28.11.        Zbynìk Pawlas (MFF UK) Cox process in small observation windows


5.12.       Lubomír Košál (FGÚ AVÈR) Variability, entropy and randomness in stationary neuronal signals


12.12.        Radka Lechnerová (SVŠES) Density approach to foltering in doubly stochastic processes


19.12.   Martin Šmíd (ÚTIA AVÈR) Dynamical system of markets with limit orders


9.1. Kateøina Helisová (MFF UK) Stochastic models for unions of balls