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Homepage Michal Benes

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Research Interest

I am second year Ph.D. student at Charles University, Prague. My research interests are stability and spectral theory for (strongly continuous) semigroups and evolution equations.


About me

Here is my Curriculum vitae in pdf and postscript.

Beside math I am fond of hiking (see my diary (in Czech)), computer programming (see my projects page). At the time I am quite fond of Karatedo. See our club web page: SKBU and a photo of part of our famous KPZ team with sensei. My favourite book author is J.R.R. Tolkien.


Fun stuff

The Introduction to Matfyzak Uvod do matfyzaka (in Czech).

Windows 2000 and The Lord Of The Rings? Evil Empire strikes back: read here.



email: michalbenes[write @ here]
Tel. (office): (+420) 2 2191 3382
Web page in Czech Republic
Web page in Germany
Tired? Play my small game!

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