MATHEMATICS 1 — WS 2017/18

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2nd Midterm test including solution and grading is here.

Some exam problems from the past years you can find here and here (click on year numbers). However, these problems can be more difficult than the midterm limit.

Chapters 1, 2, 3 and part of Chapter 4 (with many misprints) of the Script are available here. Work is still in progress, I will update the file as soon as I have a new version. (last update November 10, 2017)


Previous homeworks with solutions can be found below in section 'Seminar and exercises'.


Basic information

Exams and grading

Students will be admitted to the oral exam only if the score from the first part (midterms, homeworks and written exam together) is at least 50 points. To pass the exam successfully, at least 20 points from the oral exam are required.

Grading: The total score is obtained as the sum of the points from the oral part and the first part, where the score of the first part is reduced to 60 if it exceeds 60. The final grade depends on the total score as follows.

Midterm test takes part approximately in the half of the semester. Students are asked to compute a limit of a sequence within 30 minutes. Literature is allowed, electronic devices are prohibited. There are two attempts, the better result is taken into account.

Final Exam takes part in the examination period at the end of the semester. Students have three attempts to pass the final exam. It consists of a written part and oral part.

sample midterm test is here (solution and grading on the second page, so you can try to solve it first and after that look at the solution). The test consists in computing one limit within 30 minutes. Here you find 1st Midterm test and 2nd Midterm test including solution and grading.


Here is the beamer presentation to download and the list of definitions and theorems for printing (last update November 15, 2017).

Preliminary plan of lectures:

Seminar and exercises

Homeworks with solutions.
HW1, HW2, HW3, HW4, HW5, HW6.

Recomended problems.

Preliminary plan: