Anton Svendrovski

MetaQoL: Excel tool for meta-analysis of continuous outcomes

Kateřina Konečná

Methods for Estimating of Smoothing Parameters in Local-Linear Estimations of Conditional Density

Qinghai Guo

Consistencies and rates of converence of SMUCE estimators

Zuber Akhter

Characterization of Continuous Probability Distributions Conditioned on a Pair of Record Statistics

Riham El Saeiti

Benefits of using longitudinal data in discriminant analysis

Jan Koláček

Contribution to bandwidth matrix choice for bivariate kernel regression

Ondřej Pokora

Fisher information and estimation problems in computational neuroscience

Renáta Talská           

Exponential families from the perspective of Bayes spaces: A simulation study

Radim Navratil

Rank tests in regression model based on minimum distance estimates

Nivedita Kar

Sample Size Determination of a Hierarchal Designed Model: An Application for MCM2 Biomarker in Normal and Premalignant Tissue Associated with Prostate Cancer

Kamila Fačevicová

Exponential families as affine subspaces of the Bayes space

Leandro Pardo 

Empirical phi-divergence test statistics for the equality of means of two populations

Bojana Milošević

Characterization based symmetry tests and their asymptotic efficiencies

Jan Kalina

Robust image analysis of Beadchip microarrays

Ebenezer Afrifa-Yamoah

A Robust Procedure for the Fit of Oneway Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) Models under Uncorrelated Errors

Veronika Kopčová

Comparison of different methods for estimation in the growth curve model in case of uniform correlation structure