Eight Paseky School, June 8-14, 2003

Further Information

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o Conference Day 1, Sunday, June 8: Prague to Paseky

A special conference bus from Prague to Paseky will leave on

Sunday, June 8, 2003, at 16:30 (4:30 p.m.)

from the place located near the building of

Faculty of Mathematics and Physics,
Charles University,
V Holesovickach 2,
180 00 PRAHA 8 - Troja
The transportation from Prague to Paseky and back is a part of the conference service.

Be careful! Due to the reconstruction of the "Karlin" building, the meeting point is different from the usual one. So it is not the building marked by No.4 on the following map, but the one marked by No. 3.

local map

The building of the faculty will be opened from 9 a.m., so you can leave your luggage there to have some walk, or just relax, have coffee, tea and cake, meet the organizers and ask questions, ... or e.g. pay your conference fee.

See the map of the whole Prague below to get an idea of the part of the city in which the faculty building is located (marked by the green rectangle):

Prague map

On the following map, the part of the city marked by the green rectangle above is enlarged. Another red rectangle gives you still better approximation of the location of the faculty building.

Prague map, level 2

Another enlargement of the red square onto the full size map gives you the overview of the local situation. The building of Faculty of Mathematics and Physics (No. 2 on the following map) lies near the Vltava river, not far from the metro station NADRAZI HOLESOVICE (the terminal station of the line "C"). "Nadrazi Holesovice" is the railway station as well (No. 1 on the following map).

local map

o How to reach the meeting point

To get to the Faculty building from the airport you can take bus No. 119 from the airport to the metro terminal DEJVICKA, (line A - the green one), or bus No. 100 from the airport to the metro terminal ZLICIN, (line B - the yelow one). Using the metro system you easily reach the metro station NADRAZI HOLESOVICE (the terminal station of the line "C"). See the first picture on this page to get accustomed with the three lines of the Prague metro system.

To cross the river can use any of the buses 102, 112, 144, 175. This ride is just about 5 minutes long and you go out of the bus on the second sation (the first one after crossing the river). When you cross the river, you will see the building of the faculty on your right-hand side (see the picture below).

local map

All main railway stations are directly connected to the metro net, and you should reach the meeting point within 30 minutes from any of them. We recommend to consult city maps and other information available on metro stations. In case of any trouble please contact the organizers (see below for contact addresses and phones).

o Last Conference Day, Saturday, June 14: Paseky to Prague

The special conference bus from Paseky will arrive to Prague on

Saturday, June 14, 2001 at 11:00.

Any extras on your departure from Paseky will be solved at the conference place. The transportation from Prague to Paseky and back is a part of the conference service.

o Paying the fee

The first possibility of paying the fee is to use the direct bank transfer to the account with the folowing data:
 account name:           Univerzita Karlova v Praze
 account number:         38330-021/0100 
 variable symbol:        306 60 2055 
 address of the bank:

     Komercni banka Praha-vychod
     Vaclavske namesti 42
     114 07 Praha 1
     Czech Republic 
 S.W.I.F.T. code: KOMBCZPP
The participants are asked to write the complete account name and number (including variable symbol) and the name and address of the bank in the payment order. All payments must be free of bank charges to the receiver, i.e., all bank charges for effecting the international money transfer must be met by the remitter. This payment shoud be made before May 31, 2003.

Alternatively, you can pay your conference fee in advance by cheque, bearing the designation "Fluid Mechanics" and participant's name. This cheque should be made payable and sent to the organizers (see mailing address below) before May 31, 2003.

The third possibility, though rather exceptional, is to pay by cash after the arrival to Prague. Please note that we want to avoid financial problems. If you decide for this variant we wish to emphasize that we rely on your participation.

In case of any problem that could make your participation impossible please inform us immediately.

We would appreciate if you choose the variant for the payment of fee and specify it in your registration, or let us know about it i.e. by email.

o The conference place - basic information

Wearing of SLIPPERS (or any other home shoes) inside the hotel is necessary! The owners of the house insist on this.

We also recommend to consider an appropriate clothing and shoes for walks and hikes in the almost-mountain terrain (elev. 800 - 1300 m). In the beginning of June, the outside temperatures should be within the range of +15 to +25 Celsius. Be prepared for summer rains and/or occasional storms.

The hotel The accommodation consists of rooms for 2 or 3 people. All rooms are equipped with a bathroom, TV set and a radio receiver with alarm clock. There is a public telephone machine located near the main hall of the hotel. You need Czech telephone cards (Telecom) to be able to make calls from this machine. However, you can buy these cards by the reception desk. In the public part of the hotel you find e.g. fitness room, billiard room, sauna and a public bar, opened daily 20.00-00.00 (8.00 to 12.00 p.m.).

There is an electronically guarded parking place nearby the hotel. There is no direct email or Internet connection available in the hotel. Our experience is that this is often considered as one of the advantages of the place.

Full board (breakfast, lunch, dinner) is a part of the conference fee, except drinks. You can buy drinks during the meal times from the hotel stuff, or at the bar during the bar time or from the coffee machine and coke machine 24 hours a day. You will need Czech coins to operate these two machines.

o Papers and Preprints

Paperboxes in the conference place It is more or less a tradition to organize an "Exhibition of articles of participants" during the school. For that reason please do not forget to bring along preprints/reprints of your work (not necessarily recent) to Paseky. Everybody will get a "mailbox" (see picture) in the conference place, where he/she can exhibit his/her papers/books to make them accessible for other participants during the conference time.

o Short communications

The participants of the conference can present their results in a form of a (very) short communication. We expect that the length of these communications will be (according to their number) set to 10-15 minutes. The participants can use overhead projector (which is, in fact, recommended).

o Contact addresses, visa

If you need an official letter of a special kind to confirm your participation or you have any queries please contact us.

In particular, it is important to check whether you need or don't need visa to enter Czech Republic. Please contact us immediately in case this is true, and you need some special letter from us.

The adresses are

Josef Malek  -  work phone: [+420] 221913220
                mobile (handy) phone: [+420] 776577844

Mirko Rokyta -  work phone: [+420] 221913269
                mobile (handy) phone: [+420] 603342735
We are looking forward to seeing you in Prague and at Paseky.

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